6 Common Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Learn the Hard Way

6 Common Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Learn the Hard Way

So you’re new to blogging and learning everything you can. There is no end of advice and information out there to help you, but one thing a lot of bloggers to not write about are their mistakes.

We are all human, we’re going to make mistakes. Fronting up and recognizing that, then helping others avoid the same pitfalls is how to make the best of the situation.

I’m not going to say I made all of the following mistakes, but I know plenty of other bloggers, and we tick all the boxes between us. It’s all part of the learning phase, and by taking notice you can hopefully avoid it.

6 Common Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Learn the Hard Way

You Aren’t Taking Notice of Google Updates

I don’t advise anyone holds all their hopes in Google for traffic. But most of your traffic will probably come from Google, and increasing the amount that does is always a good idea.

Google are always tweaking their algorithms, and several times a year they release a larger update. Larger websites see huge changes in website traffic, and this ripple is also felt by the little guys.

You need to get clued up on why the updates are happening and what they are targeting. We are at the mercy of the big G if we want to be found in their search results. So follow the guidelines and apply the latest SEO techniques they recommend if you want to steadily increase your search ranking’s.

You Chose the Cheapest Web Hosting You Could Find

When you’re starting out you want to keep costs low, I understand that. There are cheap web hosting offers popping up all over the place and it’s hard to not take one.

But your web hosting makes a massive difference to your websites success. Slow and unreliable hosting is going to result in a lot less traffic to your site. Not only is site speed an SEO consideration, but users will not hang around waiting for pages to load.

One incident of downtime can be overlooked. But more than one and it’s time to switch, you need a reliable host.

Your Site Is Laid out Like a Beginner

Beginners have a tendency to layout their sites like a beginner would. Makes perfect sense right? Well, you don’t have to have a crappy layout just because you’re a beginner.

What do I mean by ‘laid out like a beginner’? Well, just using a generic theme and not making any customization. No two sites are the same, and each type of site requires a different layout.

A site that’s difficult to navigate is going to tank pretty quick. Internet browsers have short attention spans, if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly – the back button is going to be found.

You’re Not Performing Keyword Research

I would love to be able to just sit and write, press publish, then watch the visitors roll in. But how do I know what I wrote about it even in anyone’s interest? In comes keyword research.

There are tools to help like Longtail Pro, and the Google Keyword Planner, so you don’t need to feel like you’re alone. But you do need to get deep into how to look up keywords effectively if you want your posts to be found in the SERPs,

It doesn’t need to dictate what you write about. It just means you may have to change your title a little, and some of the wording in your article. But you will be writing a better, more user focused article as a result.

You’re Not Utilizing Social Media

Social media is a vast unforgiving void containing millions of posts. I understand people frustrations when they say they can’t get any views with no followers or social presence.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Throw all your articles on Facebook, Google+, post your images on Pinterest, and promote your posts on forums like Reddit. You never know when it will reach the right person and take off.

StumbleUpon is great for new blogs, you can expose your work without having any followers. The social signals and links are contributing factors to Google’s algorithm too, so it’s all good.

You’re Not Encouraging Reader Interaction

Interaction, a call to action, some kind of promotion, anything to get the reader to click, act, and promote your posts are incredibly important. Not only does it make the visitor feel more invested, it can potentially help with the exposure of your blog.

Ending a blog post with a cold dead-end will likely lead to the visitor clicking away to another site. But adding a link to another popular post, some of your latest stuff, or a call to action can keep a visitor on your site.

Add an email capture and offer a small incentive gift. By building an email list you can roll out offers or notify your list of new blog posts as they are published.

Have you learned from any mistakes yourself? If so please share below so other readers (and possibly me) can avoid making the same mistakes.

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