About Me

Hey, my name is Phil, and I’m a 30-something year old guy living in the UK.

Like so many others, I work in a 9-5 (actually is 8.30-5) job that pays the bills and affords me a nice lifestyle. But I realized a few years ago that something was missing. While waiting for time to pass by until I could leave work for the day, I started listening to business and entrepreneur podcasts.

That’s when something changed…

I realized that all the stuff I used to daydream about could actually be a reality. You see, I used to imagine a world where I worked from home, or wherever I wanted. Not only that but I worked the hours I wanted, and hard work paid off.

My First Pound (or Dollar)

Everyone remembers their first earnings online, right? It’s a huge wake-up call, a big ‘this actually works!’ moment. Mine was on Infobarrel, the first site I wrote an article for after hearing Pat Flynn recommend the site on one of his podcasts.

My First Site

I knew I needed to get up to speed with content writing and SEO pretty quick. So I immersed myself in the online world. Spending every spare minute absorbing content, from podcasts, web articles, forums, G+ groups.

No more than two years ago, and without even having heard of WordPress at the time, I made my first site. It’s still live today, and always will be as a reminder. I like to think I have learned a lot since then, and although I’m still young in my online journey at the time I’m writing this – things are looking up!

Why I Started EarningFinancialIncome.com

I started this blog to document everything I’m doing online. As I try out different resources, make websites, try, fail, and win. You can read about it and learn from my mistakes!

How We Can Help Each Other

There is a definite strength in numbers online. If you’re a fellow internet marketeer feel free to contact me. If there is any way we can work together in a mutually beneficial way, let’s do it.