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Self Publishing School Review

If you are part of the 81% of people who want to write a book – this Self-Publishing School review is going to be of interest to you. The hardest step is always the first step. Writing and publishing a book can feel like a massive, overwhelming

Amazon Associates Native Shopping Ads Review

Anyone who has an amazon affiliate site are probably aware of Amazon’s new Native Shopping Ads feature. It’s only available on the US associates dashboard at the moment as far as I can tell. But it’s a great new feature that gives affiliate marketers a new tool

Submitting Guest Posts: 10 Tips to Pass the Editorial Process

Submitting guest posts is a great way to improve your sites strength in the search engines. You can build relationships with other webmasters in your niche, promote your brand, and share some useful content. So with all the plus points, what are the drawbacks? Time. It takes

Image Seo Using Alt and Title Tag Optimization

Understanding and using alt and title tags will give you an SEO boost. It may just be that boost you need to make a difference. As any SEO consultant will tell you, you need to take advantage of each and every little edge you can get. So

Google Penguin Simplified and Explained

As we all know, Google release small algorithm updates almost daily. Most of these go unnoticed for the most part. Then there are the larger updates that really shake things up. Coming from a strictly white hat guy, it’s always shaken up for the better for me.

Making the Most of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

If you’re not already focusing on long tail keywords when publishing posts on your blog, you should be. Having long tail keywords in mind can help round out your posts and optimize them for more potential keywords – and more traffic. At competition is always growing online

How Many Words Should an Article Be?

A lot of people wonder how many words an article should be to rank well in Google and attract a lot of user engagement. There is no magic number. However, I can tell straight off the bat that generally speaking, the longer your content is the better

Topic Loop Review

I’m a big fan of content writing/revenue sharing sites. When they are managed correctly and easy to use, they offer people a platform to have their work published and seen by more people than they can get on their own blogs. There is also the benefit of

Authority Site Case Study Part 6

So month six of this authority site case study has rolled around already. I do have some interesting things to report, but I have also been incredibly busy and not don as much as I would have liked. As always, here are links to the previous posts