Authority Site Case Study: Part 2

Authority Site Case Study Part 2

Ok, hopefully you read Part 1 of my Authority Site Case Study. If not, pop back and have a read, this is where I set out my goals. I also talked about the what, why’s, and how’s involved with how I go about setting up an authority site.

Lets first take a look at what goals I set myself for April:

My Goals for the Month of April:

  • Set up the theme and all the necessary plugins.

  • 20 High quality 1,000+ word posts. Some SEO and keyword focus, but getting unique content is the priority for now.

  • Set up social profiles, webmasters and analytics.

Here is how I got on, and as usual – nothing is without its surprises.

Theme and Plugins

I set up the theme and plugins. I went with the Splash theme by MyThemeShop. I have used it before and find it a clean, easy to use theme. It’s fully responsive, so the new Google mobile update that hit in April wasn’t a problem.

I did not a problem with posts showing as ‘’not followed’’ on Webmasters. So I raised a question on the support forums, and received a reply right away. The issue was the RSS feed not being picked up properly.

This might be because I dumped the Feedburner widget that comes with the theme, not sure. But they gave me a bit of code to replace some code in the functions.php file. Fairly straightforward, and support are there to jump in if there is a problem.


I set myself the target of writing 20 1,000+ word posts. I surprised myself, but I actually published 24 posts. All good quality, long posts with plenty of keywords in. I am not expecting to rank for a while due to the sandbox period, plus the competitive nature of the keywords.

I found the self development topics very interesting and easy to write about. I look forward to writing more this month, it was fun. If you want tips on how I write content, and ways to improve yours check out this article here.

Social Profiles, Webmasters and Analytics

I set up some social profiles for Facebook, Google + and Twitter. I will update and fill these out with logos, information, and start attracting followers in the coming months.

I set up webmasters to keep an eye on the traffic stats. The app is actually a lot easier and quicker to use in my opinion, love checking the stats on the move.

I have Google Webmasters set up too. I like keeping an eye on the impressions and clicks. Helps me to see what posts are climbing the ranks, and how people are finding the posts. I usually use this to target new keywords too later on.

What Else Did I Do?

I had some success with an infographic. It was the first time I had ever made an infographic, it took me all of 15 minutes on a free building tool, and it went pretty well! I submitted it to about 5 different sites, and it took off on Reddit – hitting the top for the hot in the last 24 hour section.

I also built a few basic backlinks. Submitting my RSS feed to a couple of RSS directories. I didn’t see any traffic from this, but picked up a couple of pretty good links.

My Goals for the Month of May:

  • Write and submit 5 guest posts to low-medium DA sites.
  • Add another 10 articles.
  • Start some link building.

Stats at the End of April

Domain Authority – 1

Total Sessions – 683

Adsense Clicks – 1 (£.26)

Here is a screenshot from my analytics account to show you the sessions for the month:

Analytics for April


Around 25% of my traffic came from Stumbleupon, which is a great social media tool for generating traffic. If you need to know how to best use Stumbleupon, read this article.

In Summary

It was a lot of work, probably around 50 hours worth of work. But I think it was worth it. The site got off to a good start, with some decent content. I will continue to build on that next month and check back here to let you know how it goes.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave a note below.

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