Authority Site Case Study: Part 3

Authority Site Case Study- Part 3

Right, we are already into the third update of this authority site case study, and what an interesting month it was!

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Firstly let’s have a look at the goals I set myself for the month of May:

  • Write and submit 5 guest posts to low-medium DA sites.

  • Add another 10 articles.

  • Start some link building.

Here is how I got on:

Guest Post Submissions

Firstly, I want to point out that I am only targeting highly relevant sites within my niche. I am reaching out to the webmasters, making contact, and forming a lasting relationship.

I am not just sending articles to content writing sites. I want sites with real audiences interested in the same topics.

I want to also build a lasting connection with my outreach contacts. Strong enough that I can call on them again in the future, or they can call on me.

This means it takes longer than just submitting an article to a sharing site. But even so, I am really pleased with how this months guest posting and link building went.

Here are the domain authority’s for the links from the articles I have had published.

DA 25 – Guest post with a follow link in the bio.

DA 51 – Guest post with a follow link in the bio.

DA 18 – Featured as part of a best post’s round up with a follow link.

DA 100 – Guest post with a follow link in the body.

I also had a couple more accepted by the sites but not published as I write this.

I think I can chalk up the guest posting as a success for the month.

Add More Articles

I made a target to add 10 more articles. I far surpassed that target. I actually published 25 new posts, and what an impact it made.

I wrote previously about how to use StumbleUpon to generate traffic. I practiced what I preached this month, by writing most of my posts specificially for social sharing.

The results caught me by surprise, with over 23k new visitors!

Analytics May 2015

The first small spike in traffic you see was an infographic share I did on Reddit. It went down really well and I was pleased with the results.

The second and third larger spikes were two posts going viral on StumbleUpon and being shared, liked, and read like crazy.

This saw a relative jump in AdSense clicks as you would assume. No where near what I would have thought though, so maybe I need to think about optimizing my ad placements better.

Adsense for May 2015

What Else Did I do?

I did a lot of research within my niche. This is proving invaluable in writing better content and understanding the needs of my audience.

I set up social profiles and started to try and develop a following. This will also prove invaluable down the road. Having several streams of traffic is important for the longevity of any site.

My Goals for the Month of June:

  • More guest posts. I think another 3-5 will do just fine. I will be aiming for higher, more well known sites.
  • More varied link building.
  • Add more content, 10 posts minimum.

Guest Posts

I love guest posts. I think it’s one of, if not the, best ways to strengthen a sites domain authority. Meet new people, expose your site to a wider audience, improve one’s writing skills, and have fun.

I have my eye on a couple of very high profile sites. It’s not easy to get a post on them so I will have to start outreach now. It might take a month or two to get accepted.

Varied Back-link Profile

In my opinion it’s important to have a varied and diverse back-link profile. All from relevant and good quality domains of course.

I will answer some questions at Quora and Yahoo Answers to get my sites name out there and help some people out with their questions.

I will also be adding comments on other blogs. A good way to get some referral traffic, spread out the back-links, and do some promotion.

More, Less, Content

I spent around 50 hours last month on writing new content. I’m feeling a little burned out, I have to admit.

I will be adding less articles this month. It’s widely believed there is a 3-6 month sandbox period before Google really starts to take notice.

I have a decent amount of content to index now. Couple that with the back-links and you can speed up the sandbox process.

Looking at the impressions for the month, I think signs are positive. Impressions have started to appear, and that means clicks will follow.

Authority Site Case Study: Part 3

Stats at the End of May

April May
Domain Authority 1 1
Sessions 683 23144
Ad Clicks (£/$) 1 (£.23/$.38) 98 (£21.36/$35.60)
Email List Opt-ins 0 4
Facebook Likes 0 0
Twitter Followers 0 50
Other Revenue 0 0

What I Learned This Month

Ok, I hold my hands up to a massive error this month. I didn’t have an email opt-in when the viral traffic hit. I was caught by surprise, and was not properly prepared.

I added some email opt-ins in the last couple of  days to start capturing emails. This could prove profitable down the road to promote products too.

In Summary

I am extremely happy with how the month went. I can’t expect every month to be as good. You never know when a post will go viral, and for how long.

I hope to steadily increase my stats month by month. With that said, I’m an optimist and have high hopes for June!


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