Authority Site Case Study Part 4

Authority Site Case Study Part 4

Here we are again. The fourth month of my authority site is behind us and there has been some more exciting developments.

If you have landed on this page, I recommend going back and breezing through my posts that precede this one.

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Goals are a great motivator, and I always set goals for each month. Here are the goals I set last month to complete in June:

  • More guest posts. I think another 3-5 will do just fine. I will be aiming for higher, more well known sites.

  • More varied link building.

  • Add more content, 10 posts minimum.

Here’s how I got on this month:

More Guest Posts

I wrote up and submitted a couple more guest posts. They haven’t been published at the time of writing this. I’m not 100% sure they will, dealing with other site owners has been difficult to say the least.

There is a big misconception (in my opinion) among a lot of webmasters that giving away a link is bad for their sites. When it’s actually quite the opposite. A link to/from another relevant and quality site is a good thing for both sites.

I have found that even approaching a site paying a lot of money for content and offering to write a guest post isn’t going down too well. But fear not, I shall keep trying.

On a positive note. I was approached to take part in another expert round up type post. It’s with a fairly well known site too. It has a domain authority of 34 and has a solid user base. So I’m hoping for some traffic along with that solid link when published.

More Varied Link Building

I did some comment posting on relevant sites within the same niche this month. I had some of those site owners drop by and leave a comment on my blog after. So that was a nice way to break the ice and diversify the back link profile.

Add this to the guest posts and the invitation to the expert round up and I have had a successful month of link building. Well, I’m happy with it. Slow and steady with all good quality links is the way I set out to do this.

Add More Content

I set myself the goal of adding at least 10 articles. Well, I added 11 articles. Not a massive amount, but with all the other things going on it was all I had time for.

I did a lot of research and put a lot of effort into the articles, and I’m happy with the result. I didn’t have any viral success or a large amount of social interaction. But I think this content will climb the search engine ranks as the site matures.

A Look at the Analytics and Impressions

As you can see from the analytics for the month, the wave of social traffic has passed. The site is where I expect it to be. It gets between 10-20 visits a day, just a trickle of activity as it’s still a new site.

Analytics June 2015

The impressions aren’t much higher than the start of the month. But the impressions are around double overall. I’d be happy to see that happen every month.

Webmasters impressions and clicks June 2015

It’s hard to say there has been any major improvement. Again, the site is firmly in the Google sandbox, and will take a little longer to start attracting organic activity I reckon.

My Goals for the Month of July:

I think I am going to go back to trying to attract more social activity through publishing great, engaging content. It’s still only the fifth month of the site, so I need to build up a solid base of content.

  • Spend a lot of time on content and aim for 20 new articles.
  • Do some more commenting and outreach to other site owners in the niche,

Stats at the End of June

April May June
Domain Authority 1 1 11
Sessions 683 23144 3549
Ad Clicks (£/$) 1 (£.23/$.38) 98 (£21.36/$35.60) 7 (£2.77/$4.62)
Email List Opt-ins 0 4 6
Facebook Fans 0 0 0
Twitter Followers 0 50 97
Other Revenue 0 0 0

What I Learned This Month

It’s a patient game. I’m still doing everything right for as much time as I have. I’m making friends in my niche, adding good content, and sticking with it.

It was a quiet month. But I laid more foundations for the future, let’s see what happens this month.


In Summary

I’m still very happy with how the site is progressing. Sure, it’s way slower than all those guys out there who game the system with their shady techniques.

But where’s the fun in that!


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