Authority Site Case Study Part 5

Authority Site Case Study- Part 5

We are already at month five of this authority site case study. I’m starting to get a decent amount of posts on the site now, around 70.

I had a busy month, so not a lot of work went into the site in the month of July. But there is still some developments to cover, so let’s get into it.

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I always set goals for the following month. Here are the goals I set last month:

  • Spend a lot of time on content and aim for 20 new articles.

  • Do some more commenting and outreach to other site owners in the niche.

And, here is how I got on:

Write 20 New Articles

After seeing a lot of success with traffic on viral posts in May, I wanted to return to writing a lot of content to try and repeat this. However, due to other commitments and a lack of time I wasn’t able to meet the 2 posts.

I wrote 10 posts in July. A couple of them were very long and detailed, so I have high hopes for these posts picking up some long tail keywords. But time will tell.

I certainly intend to pick up the slack this month and get writing again. So I will set another high content goal for August, and pull out all the stops to achieve it.

Commenting and Outreach

I did some more outreach, and it went fairly well. I left comments on other relevant blogs, and most of those blog owners stopped by and left a comment on mine.

I became a lot more familiar with blogs in the same niche. Spending some time reading other blogs, and understanding how they interact with their audiences.

Something I will be doing more in the future, so it was valid research.

A Look at the Analytics and Impressions

A drop in the overall visits and sessions looking at the analytics. This due to the wave of social traffic previously enjoyed has ended. None of the posts I wrote this month were picked up and shared, so it’s been pretty slow.

July 2015 Analytics

It’s not a big concern. I’m sure the site is still in the Google sandbox phase, so until it’s at least 6 months old I’m not stressing the organic traffic too much.

Total clicks through Google organic search and impressions are slightly up on the previous month. I didn’t expect a massive jump due to not publishing much. But still, this is a positive step in the right direction.

Webmasters impressions and clicks July 2015

My Goals for the Month of August:

I really want to get back on track with publishing content, so this is my main objective.

  • Publish at least 20 articles.
  • Do more outreach and guest posting if time allows.

Stats at the End of July

April May June July
Domain Authority 1 1 11 11
Sessions 683 23144 3549 1139
Ad Clicks (£/$) 1 (£.23/$.38) 98 (£21.36/$35.60) 7 (£2.77/$4.62) 4 (£.69/$1.15)
Email List Opt-ins 0 4 6 8
Facebook Fans 0 0 0 0
Twitter Followers 0 50 97 109
Other Revenue 0 0 0 0

What I Learned This Month

I took my foot off the gas this month, sometimes life is just too busy to keep on top of things. I will be putting in an extra amount of effort next month.


In Summary

I am still enjoying working on the site. It’s progressing slowly but surely, I’m confident the future is bright.

If you have any comments, advice, or anything else to add. Please leave a comment below, and I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks.


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