Authority Site Case Study Part 6

Authority Site Case Study Part 6a

So month six of this authority site case study has rolled around already. I do have some interesting things to report, but I have also been incredibly busy and not don as much as I would have liked.

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I set the following goals last month:

Publish at least 20 articles.

Do more outreach and guest posting if time allows.

Here is how I got on this month, let’s dive in:

Publish at Least 20 New Articles

If you have been following along you will have seen I’ve had some massive success with viral posts, along with some pretty stale results.

I still hold a lot of faith in publishing quality content. It’s the best way to build up a site and chase down some longtail keywords.

The content and site is only going to mature, and there will be ways to leverage and re-purpose content in the future.

So that being said, I don’t see any downside to adding content, even though it does take a lot of time.

I did manage to post 20 new articles. They are all pretty detailed and long posts, and it took a great deal of time. But this is why I set goals, to push myself and get stuff done.

I think next month I will take a slightly different approach to content which I will go into later in this post.

Outreach and Guest Posting

The bad news is, I didn’t have time to arrange any gust posts.

The good news is, I was approached and featured on two high DA websites without doing a thing. Well, I was found because I wrote some good posts on my site, so I did do something.

This means two more quality, relevant links this month with I’m very happy about.

Guest posting is something I will have to make time for this month.

A Look at the Analytics and Impressions for August 15

Sessions are down when compared to last month which is disappointing. Clicks and impressions are up however, which is promising.

This shows me that the footprint in the Google SERPs is improving, which is what I hoped for.

The site should be out of the 6 month sandbox now, so I’m really waiting and hoping for some action to kick off.

Analytics August 2015

Impressions and Clicks August 2015

My Goals for the Month of September

It’s time to start ramping up the authority now. I have a good amount of content, so not I will be writing less but more keyword focused articles. As well as looking for some guest posting opportunities.

  • Submit guest posts.
  • Write keyword focused articles.

Stats at the End of August

June July August
Domain Authority 11 11 13
Sessions 3549 1139 712
Ad Clicks (£/$) 7 (£2.77/$4.62) 4 (£.69/$1.15) 4 (£1.23/$2.05)
Email List Opt-ins 6 8 13
Facebook Fans 0 0 0
Twitter Followers 97 109 153
Other Revenue 0 0 0

What I Learned This Month

I didn’t have much time to do all that I would have liked, but I was still impressed to be contacted by other site owners to be featured on their sits.

This shows that my site is being found by others in my niche somehow, which is very positive.


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