I accept guest posts here on EarningFinancialFreedom.com, there are a few rules though, but nothing difficult to follow!

Submission Guidelines

  • You must only submit your own work, do not copy, plagiarize, or steal from others. I will be checking every article in 100% unique with CopyScape, so let’s keep it straight.
  • I do not add SEO anchor text to your site, it’s just easier this way. I will add relevant outbound links to substantiate¬†what you’re claiming however, so include any relevant links.
  • Ideally the word count should be between 800-1,000 words. I will make exceptions either way where necessary, this is just a guideline.
  • Send your ideas, questions, and articles to phil[at]earningfinancialfreedom.com, I will get back to you pretty quick.
  • Remember to include a short bio with a link back to your site, and your best pic (optional).
  • It’s helpful if yo include pictures to be included with your article, but if not I will find something.
  • Please promote the article on your own social sharing accounts when published.

Why Write for EarningFinancialFreedom.com

At the time of writing this, this is a fairly new site. But I do have experience with growing sites to a decent authority, so this is a good opportunity for you to land a link that will grow in strength over time.

I will promote your post, and do so again in the future. So, if you have something to share let’s do it. You’ll get some exposure and a backlink to your site.

What to Write?

I’m interested in all things internet marketing related. Case studies, how-to’s, examples, as long as it’s got a unique spin, some freshness and is well written it can work.