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HireWriters is a platform for freelance writers to pick up writing jobs, and write articles as requested by clients. It’s similar to iWriter (which I reviewed here), but the writers are limited to English speaking countries. This should, in theory, give a higher standard of writing across the board.

I decided to write this HireWriters review to help anyone looking to earn some money online by writing articles. The site offers some decent opportunities for writers, it’s not easy to begin with but there is the potential to earn some cash if you enjoy writing.

You’re never going to get rich writing for these types of content/article sites online. But they provide some decent opportunities outside of just delivering articles as quickly as you can. I am always on the lookout to make the most from every opportunity, and here are some of the potential advantages to working for article sites:

  • It’s a good way to improve your writing skills, especially in the way of website content.
  • SEO newbies can learn a lot from the instructions given by the clients regarding keywords and placements.
  • You can develop relationships with clients, resulting in regular work.
  • You’ll develop some interesting knowledge about the random topics you end up writing about.

I will explain throughout this HireWriters review how to make the most from the platform, for writers and clients. What the prices are for content, how good the content is, how much money you can make writing for HireWriters, and what opportunities it presents for freelance writers.

HireWriters Prices

The prices on HireWriters are very competitive, which is good for the client but obviously not for the writer. There are difference ranks however, and as your rank increases from positive feedback so does the pay scale.

Writer Ranks

  • Beginner
  • General
  • Skilled
  • Expert

Word Count Brackets

  • Under 150 words
  • 150+ words
  • 300+ words
  • 500+ words
  • 700+ words
  • 1000+ words

Price of 500-750 Word Articles

As an example, here are how the prices increase for the same word count per writer rank:

  • 500-750 word article from a beginner writer costs $3.25
  • 500-750 word article from a general writer costs $5.00
  • 500-750 word article from a skilled writer costs $8.25
  • 500-750 word article from an expert writer costs $19.00

You can see from this that there is a wide margin between beginner and expert, and this should be reflected in the quality of the work. I cannot emphasis enough how important the quality of content is in the current SEO climate, so for a few extra bucks I would always recommend skipping beginners.

You can also request articles to be rewritten, this costs slightly less as the writer is working from a text file you provide.


HireWriters Expert Status

HireWriters for Clients

As a webmaster or someone who is responsible for adding content to a website it can be difficult keeping up. It takes time to write content, especially good quality content. That’s why a lot of people outsource their content.

There is nothing wrong with outsourcing, but it does present a problem in itself. Where do you get good content at a good price? Well that is where content writing sites like HireWriters come in, they are designed to join writers and clients together.

How to Use the Platform

First you need to register an account, which by signing up here you will receive 25% extra funds on your first deposit. A very generous offer, especially if you are after cheap content.

Then you can start ordering articles. You can specify the keywords you want used, how often you want them included in the article, and any other special instructions you may have.

I recommend being as detailed and through as you can with the instructions for the writer. This will only help to ensure you get what you are looking for first time, and avoid any timely revisions or rewrites.

Next select the rank of writer you want to complete your work, as outlined above there are several ranks. The higher ranks cost more, but seeing as they are built on reputation you should expect a high quality article.

You can set the duration of time you are allowing for the work to be completed. Be as generous as  possible, you don’t want the writer feeling time pressured and rushing the work.

HireWriters for Writers

This is the side I know all too well, the side of the writer. As a new writer you want to try and write as many articles as you can, while maintaining as many 5 star reviews as possible. So go the extra mile when starting out, work on building up your rank.

Getting Started

When you first sign up you will need to fill out an application form proving you are a native English speaking person. You will also be asked to write a short piece of work, showing the team what level of grammar you write at. Along with a competing some grammar and English related questions.

This is nothing to worry about, I’m certainly no literacy expert and I breezed through no problems. Once you have been accepted you can fill out your profile details, I recommend this as it helps clients find you based on your keywords.

Next you can browse the available jobs. You can filter by word count, type of article, skill level required, and category. Start by picking topics you are familiar with and can write about.

Over time you will start to quickly recognize the types of articles you enjoy writing, or can write quickly. You will build up a base of clients that come back to you for more work, and you can decide for yourself how much and often you want to write.

HireWriters Review Job Board

How to Earn More Tips From Clients

Everyone wants to earn tips, right? Well, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of earning a tip for your work. You need to be aware that some clients will just never tip, no matter how much effort you put in. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many do, albeit small amounts.

The trick here is the element of surprise, a good surprise. People requesting content are used to be giving mediocre, run-of-the-mill content. As writers we are all in a hurry, and the pay per hour on these sites is really poor. So I forgive anyone who just knocks out the babe minimum and moves on.

But I like doing better than average, that’s just how I operate. I also like making new contacts, and the best way to do this is to impress. This can lead to better paying jobs, more security, and of course – tips. I have only written a couple of hundred articles on HireWriters (ok, that may sound like a lot to some), but I receive tips from several of my regulars.

I have never asked for a tip of course, that’s just not good form and will result in your being ignored I’d guess. But I know that I deliver better work than they would expect if using a random writer. So to avoid going to another writer and risking having to deny the article, or ask for revisions – it’s more cost effective to just pay me a little more, make sense?

Make yourself more in demand, and people will pay for it.

HireWriters Review in Summary

For those who did not have time to read my entire post, or just want a summary, here are the takeaways:

  • HireWriters offers affordable content from native English speaking writers
  • It offers are secure platform for writers and clients to exchange jobs
  • Writers can make some extra money quickly without having to bid for jobs
  • In my opinion it is one of the better content sites, if not the best

So whether you need content, or want to write content – head over and sign up at HireWriters here and give the site a chance.

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