How to Use StumbleUpon to Generate Traffic

There are many ways to generate traffic to your site, and StumbleUpon is one of the better ways that a lot of people are not utilizing. I still find it amazing that a lot of sites do not have a social sharing button for StumbleUpon, especially as you’ll find out that you can send thousands of visitors to your site with just a click of a button and a few seconds. But most people I speak to do not know how to use StumbleUpon to promote their content, and they are leaving views on the table because of it.

This isn’t another one of those ‘how to generate thousands of visitors’ type posts. I will make it clear right now that unless you have some killer content, you’re not going to see any success. You see, StumbleUpon is a social sharing network that relies heavily on users up-voting content, and when doing so it gains momentum. Similar to the Reddit system of voting, but positive votes here mean your content will be put in-front of more people.

StumbleUpon is one of the top 150 most visited sites on the web according to Alexa, and they claim to have more than 25 million registered users. So it’s popularity is not in contention, but finding a way to make the most of the platform certainly is – and I will explain how to do that throughout this article.

What Is StumbleUpon?

To summarize it easily I’d say that it is a discovery engine. Meaning that it helps you discover posts from around the web that meet your chosen likes. There are two sides, one side involves content being submitted to their engine, and the other side is the user’s browsing, or ‘stumbling’ the content.

When joining StumbleUpon you choose categories that are of interest to you from dozens of potential categories. Based on these choices you will be given web pages to view that have been submitted under the same categories. Each page you view you get the chance to either give it the thumbs up, or thumbs down.

How to use stumbleupon

So in essence, when you submit a post to StumbleUpon you are pretty much guaranteed someone will see it. Then it comes down to what those people think of your post, if they start giving the thumbs up you can find yourself with some momentum. The post will stumble and be shared among other users. This is one of the main differences between other forms of social media that requires people to view your content based on recommendations.

How to Get Page Views with StumbleUpon

Firstly I recommend that everyone has a StumbleUpon share button as part of their social sharing buttons on each page. It’s still not commonly seen on most blogs I read, yet it’s has the potential to be much more powerful than Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

There are still some unknowns regarding the formula and algorithm used within StumbleUpon, as there are with all search engines. But one thing that is certain is that you, or someone else needs to submit your article. You can either do that by pressing the social share button on the article, or manually on the website.

Personally I like using the social share button because it takes no more than 5 seconds, and whenever you check back you will see the updated number of stumbles. But I have noticed that it auto selects the category to add the post to, which isn’t always the most suited category. So you may choose to submit the post manually and select your own category.

Once your post is in StumbleUpon your fate is up to the users who stumble across it. Logic here says that the better quality and more relevant the article is to the user, the more thumbs up it will receive leading to more views. You should already be putting 100% into making every post you write as informative, and enjoyable as you can. I wrote a useful post with tips for writing better content, and I am sure you’re already aware of the impact it has across all of social media.

StumbleUpon has a Darwinian system that allows good content to flourish based on users interactions. By observing the content that performs best, we learn how aspects of our content can be refined to perform on the platform. – Brian Seaman Social Discovery Strategist

How I Drove 4k Views from StumbleUpon (Twice)

stumbleupon sharing button

I recently did a mini test on how well different types of articles perform on StumbleUpon, and here are the results:

  • 10 x restaurant review posts, averaging 30 views each.
  • 5 x product reviews, averaging 50 views each.
  • 2 x ERA posts, averaging 4,000 views each.

Unfortunately I do not have more than 2 ERA (Expert Roundup Articles) ot test, but I am sure it’s not a coincidence they did so well. Each ERA took me around 15 hours to put together, a considerable amount more effort than any other type of post. Subsequently they have a lot of value and content on them, and as a result I believe they were very well received by stumblers.

I intend on doing some more testing over the coming weeks across more types of posts to see which are best received on the stumbling platform. Although there will never be an exact science to it, there will be types of posts that are more popular.

I am not sure about any other factors that weigh into the algorithm, but if you think about it this makes most sense. The site wants quality posts, and will reward accordingly as the community gets behind it.

Using Paid Discovery on StumbleUpon

paid discovery stumbles

There are paid options to drive more traffic, and although I have not tried this myself there are a couple of potential benefits. Think about it, the platform is about momentum. When you start getting stumbles your views multiply quickly, so giving yourself a paid start could be just what you need.

For small amounts of credit you will have to check their site for prices as it can vary per campaign. The other packages they offer are certainly on the high end, with $10k and $50k a month options. All you need to do is submit your URL, no adverts, no banners, you will have your content put in front of more eyes and that is your advertising.


How to Use StumbleUpon In Summary:

  • Add StumbleUpon to your social sharing buttons on your site, the more stumbles from visitors the better.
  • If you’re going to write articles targeted at receiving stumbles – make it epic.
  • If you believe your content is highly sharable look into the paid discovery potions, there are many success stories of content earning more than it costs to advertise.
  • Stumble every post you publish and get involved with the community!

I wish you luck. I would love to hear any success stories of posts going viral and receiving thousands of stumbles. Feel free to drop me a comment with any questions or additional information I may have missed.

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