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One of the first sites I had work published on when I decided to start writing articles was Infobarrel. Infobarrel has been around since 2008, and is one of the content publishing sites for writers to have their work published. The site has a good presence, with an Alexa global rank of 20,907, and a domain authority of 57. So you would think adding an article to this site would be great for back linking and promoting your site, but it’s not quite as simple as that as I will explain further on in this Infobarrel review.

Infobarrel Review: Why Write for Infobarrel?

InfoBarrel ReviewThere are a number of reasons why people write for content publishing sites. I have written for a few, and being the social person I am I got to know a lot of the users. There were quite a few varied reasons, but I will say this; don’t think it’s an easy way to make money. Because it’s not.

A lot of people think it’s a quick way to make money. Largely because a lot of blogs advertise it like this. But these sites are not good passive earners, seriously, unless you land an exceptionally lucky post that goes viral.

Here are some of the reasons people write for Infobarrel, and other content sites:

  • To self-serve and promote their own sites. This has been countered by Infobarrel removing all links that do not meet their trust flow criteria, or adding a nofollow tag to others.
  • To try and earn a passive income. People are still chasing the passive income dream, and there are stories of people doing well a while back. But that’s the key, the success stories are dated, Google has devalued content from article writing sites.
  • To practice writing SEO content. This is what my original motivation was, I needed to get better at writing web content. Infobarrel admin check your articles before publishing and will return it to you to amend for the slightest of reasons.
  • To establish one’s self as an authority. Building up a database of articles around a certain subject can create a buzz. You will meet other people interested in the same subject and network with others in the niche.

Is it still worth Writing for Infobarrel?

This is a question people are always asking, and with the current landscape of SEO and Google’s emphasis on relevancy – there are not a lot of perks left.

You are not going to make a steady passive income, I hate to break it to you. The amount of work you need to put in to build up hundreds of articles, build backs links, promote, it’s just not worth it. Google’s algorithm is always changing to give more credence to sites with relevant, well-written, helpful content.

Content sites spread themselves thin by allowing writers to add content about almost any topic. Also, there was a lot less control years ago, seeing as the pages were ranking easier then they allowed low quality to slip through.

Infobarrel had a clean-up a couple of years ago, adding a rating system for all their articles. If an article scored under a certain number it would not be indexed. This gave writers the motivation to write better content, put in a lot more effort, and increase the overall quality of the site.

Overall I have to say that the quality is not the best on Infobarrel. Content is generally only published for the purpose of a link and some basic exposure, and the platform itself doesn’t look very modern. Looking around the site today it does seem like its best days are behind it unfortunately. If you want your outbound link to stand it has to meet their criteria:

Criteria for Outbound Links on Infobarrel

Infobarrel use the Majestic Trust Flow score to determine if they will allow a link to stay on the article, or if they will change it to a nofollow. Any links that have a trust flow value of under .40 will be made “nofollow”. Also, any links that fall below .30 will be removed entirely. This has seen a lot of people have a lot of their links stripped from their articles. This is the problem with banking on another site to carry your work, changes can happen at any time.

Writing for Infobarrel

Writing a post and having it published isn’t too difficult. You need to adhere to all the usual do’s and dont’s that article publishing sites enforce. These rules are not too strict if you can write well, but as mentioned in the last paragraph – beware banking on hosting a lot of your work on other people’s sites. Rules can change at any time, or worse sites can close down. (Squidoo did)

When you open a new tab to write a piece of content you first have to select a title. This will be checked for availability, and if no one else has used it you can start writing. The interface is a little on the dated side, but easy enough to use. You choose a category for your article, the start choosing the elements you want to use for your content. You will see in the picture below the elements available:

Infobarrel text element

To make a good all rounded article that has the potential to go viral and have strong SEO you want to use multiple elements. Try and mix at least two images in with your text, a video is great too – just find one on YouTube. The way the elements work into the post is a little fidgety, there are smoother platforms out there, but it gets the job done. The header boxes will mark up the <header> tags for you, and you don’t need to know any HTML.

How Much Does Infobarrel Pay?

The way you earn money on Infobarrel is through advertising they are putting on their pages. This comes from various advertisers, and you get a 75% share of any revenue they generate. Obviously this mean they keep 25%, which is a fairly generous split when compared to other sites. You will not know the CPA or cost per click amounts however, and it can vary by quite a lot. But you can keep an eye on your page views, revenue, and any other data relating to your articles on the dashboard.


You can sign up for an Infobarrel account here, I’d love to here your feedback on the site. Do you think it’s worth your time writing there, how do you find the experience?

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