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iWriter is a content writing site, much like HireWriters and several others. Its goal is to match clients requiring articles, with writers willing to write the articles. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Well it is, but there is more to understanding how to get the most out of the site, and whether or not it’s worth writing there as I will dig into in this iWriter review.

iWriter Review – The Good and the Bad

One of the issues that is noticeable right away is that iWriter accepts anyone who can pass a basic test. Without sounding discriminatory, when sourcing content in English, having a well written article with a high level of grammar and spelling is important.

I happen to be English, and I am the first to admit that my writing is far from perfect. There is a balance of time or value to consider when writing, all writers will testify to that. You have to put a price on your time, and the amount of time spend on an article will reflect in the quality.

The prices start out very low on iWriter, which is an indication of what you’re going to get back in terms of quality. You can however price jobs a lot higher, giving the writers with a higher rating the chance to pick up the jobs.

iWriter Review

What is the quality of articles like on iWriter?

This is a question everyone wants to know before parting with their cash. I have seen some reviews where people show you the articles they ordered, and what the quality is like. It’s hard to really pin-point how good the quality is because every writer is different, and there are thousands registered on iWriter.

However, I can say from my experience of ordering a couple of articles, and seeing others people have ordered – generally speaking it’s not high quality. I mean, you’re getting what you pay for so there is nothing to complain about. If you’re parting with a few bucks, what do you really expect?

iWriter Ranks and Requirements

Standard writer – This is the rank you start out as when you first sign up.

Premium writer – You achieve this rank by receiving at least 25 ratings back for articles completed, and have a rating of 4.1 or above.

Elite writer – You achieve this rank by receiving at least 30 ratings back for articles completed, and have a rating of 4.6 or above.

Elite Plus – You achieve this rank by receiving at least 40 ratings back for articles completed, and have a rating of 4.85 or above.

iWriter Prices Examples

500 word article will cost $3.00 if you use a basic writer, $5.50 for a premium writer, $10.00 for an elite writer, and $30.00 with an elite plus writer.

2,000 word article will cost $14.00 if you use a basic writer, $30.00 for a premium writer, $40.00 for an elite writer, and $110.00 with an elite plus writer.

You can also order some heavy word counts for eBooks, like a 20 page, 7,000 word eBook for $160.00 with a premium writer, or $210.00 with an elite writer. You will need to build up a relationship with a writer before entering into such a large deal in my opinion. Being landed with 7,000 words of content that you don’t feel you can use can cause you a problem, and a problem for the writer that may have spent 14 + hours working on it.

You can see how wide the margin is between standard and elite plus writers prices. This covers both bases really, you have the very cheap content, and expensive content. What quality difference you will receive is to be determined.

iWriter for clients

From a client perspective iWrtier has a lot of advantages. You have a safeguard as a client in that you see the finished article and have a chance to read it before accepting it. You can send it back for revisions if you are unhappy, or just reject it all together.

This can be a tough break for the writer, because either way they have put the time into writing the article. To be considerate you should always add as much information as you can when requesting articles, this includes keywords, special instructions, what you’re expecting etc

Look at is from the writers side, will they understand exactly what you’re asking? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you know exactly what you want written, but unless you communicate this you can end up with something very different. Remember too if you’re paying for basic content, that’s more than likely what you will end up with.

That being said, the prices are very competitive. One of the biggest advantages – if you look at it like that – is the time scale. iWriter are very strict on their time scales, you can have articles written in a couple of hours, or just a few hours for longer content. But again, consider the impact of a writer rushing the article.

You can sign up here to request content from iWriter.

iWriter for Writers

To get accepted as a writer there is a short test to complete. This checks your basic grammar, spelling, and understanding of the English language. It’s not incredibly difficult, so don’t stress about it – you’ll be fine. I scored 14/15 as you can see in the image below, not sure how I dropped a question. Oops.

iWriter Grammar Test Pass

If you’re an aspiring writer and want to try and gain some recognition, going to iWriter is not your best option. There is a dark side to the content being requested and produced on the site. A lot of article requests are quite clear that they are looking for basic content, barely better than spun piece, for use on their PBN.

The strangest thing for me is also iWriter own service of spinning articles multiple times and spamming them on the net for some backlinks back to your work. This is quite obviously in violation of Google’s terms and conditions, and if you’re caught will earn you a penalty.

In September 2014 there was a large purge of sites abusing forced backlinks and using shady tactics. If you’re part of a much larger network of these practices, such as the service offered by iWriter there is a chance of you going down with everyone else. So it’s just my two cents worth, but stay well clear from this shady practice.

You goal when writing on the site is to improve your rank, so you can improve the pay you’re receiving per article. This has proven to be more difficult on this platform than others I have written on. I think it’s due to the lack of communication and proper instruction from many of the clients, and it’s hard to craft a master piece for such a low price point.

You can sign up here to start writing content for iWriter.

iWriter Payment Schedule

There is a minimum pay-out of $20, and you can choose to receive payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Seeing as funds are transferred into your account the moment the client accepts the work, you can turn the cash around fairly quick. If you’re picking up jobs throughout the week you can earn a bit of cash each week and get paid.

I have heard of a few instance of writers having their accounts frozen and payment being withheld. I am sure there were valid reasons for this, but it’s a reminder than iWriter own your account and have the power to stop payments. So my advice is always remove the cash weekly to avoid large amounts being held.

iWriter Alternatives

I will be updating a list of iWriter alternatives, and other content sites offering opportunities for writers as and when I review them. For now I recommend the following:


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