Some of the Many SumoMe Apps That Can Help Grow Your Blog

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Around 1 in 5 of all websites are run on the WordPress platform. This blog is built on the WordPress platform, and it’s something I am very comfortable using.

WordPress is incredibly popular, and also incredibly good at what it does. This means that developers flock to make plug ins, themes, and other add-ons for WordPress users.

There is an overwhelming amount of choice on the market when it comes to plug ins, so which ones are the best? Well, possibly the most useful and easy to use plugin I recommend is SumoMe.

SumoMe offer a range of apps within their plugin. All offering different ways to help you grow your blog, attract more traffic, collect emails, and more.

One of the most frustrating and slow aspects of blogging is growing your blog and audience. Lack of traction is one of the main reasons bloggers quit.

While it does take time to build up your blog, there are a lot of tools that can help. SumoMe is one of those tools, it’s actually several tools all wrapped up in one plugin.

It quickly becomes apparent that SumoMe is more than just another plug in. Not only is it free, but it has a much more polished and useful interface than you may be used to.

If you’re anything like me you have been through dozens of plug ins, testing, trying, tweaking, always looking for a more useful plug in.

There are a lot of less than decent plug ins on the market. So it was refreshing to download a plug in that has it’s own range of apps within the interface, all offering different benefits to your blog.

Here are some of the apps within the SumoMe plug in that will improve your blog.

List Builder

SumoMe List BuilderI was most impressed with how easy this process was. I recently lost several hours to another provider, trying to generate the code and link it to an email provider. I’m not the most technically minded, although I think I know enough to get by. But this process is extremely easy.

I didn’t have to mess around with any code. There are clean instructions on how to link the app to your email provider. It lists all the companies like AWeber and MailChimp etc. So you just select your provider and follow the instructions.

There is a lot of versatility with the look and feel of the pop up boxes too. Although when you see the default box you will recognise it from countless websites. A lot of people stick with the default and just use their sites colors.

You can see all your stats from the dashboard, such as visitors, sign ups, emails etc It’s a really useful tool for monitoring visitors, what’s working in the way of opt-in’s and how your site is performing.

Scroll Box

SumoMe Scroll BoxPersonally I use and like the scroll box. You can set it to appear when you want, and how often. With the current trend of everyone aggressively trying to capture as emails as possible it’s a grat tool. It’s not as annoying as a screen pop up, and you can set it to trigger under certain circumstances.

Such as only if the person scrolls x% of your page, so you know you’re targeting an interested reader. There are lots of templates and customizable options, so you can make it look how you want. It makes for a great addition to any site.

The dashboard provides you all the user engagement information in an easy to read format. There are graphs and statistics, it can become terribly addictive looking thought the stats.

Smart Bar

SumoMe Smart BarYou will have noticed those bars on the top of a web page before. Now you can have your own. There are a few options too, you can collect emails, set a call to action, or set it to display your social media buttons to attract more fans.

The email collection is the most commonly used. I think it adds a nice opt in option, without being intrusive to the user experience. Sign up’s will be lower than a pop up, but you can run both together.

The Facebook and Twitter buttons are useful too if you have a new site and are looking to burst fans. Clicking the buttons open up a pop up window too, so don’t worry about your visitor bouncing.


SumoMe ShareOne of the fastest ways to grow a new blog is sharing, and having others share your content. The social media platforms are a powerful way to do this. I have literally seen thousands of visitors hit my site overnight when a blog post goes viral after being shared.

SumoMe has an app that adds social media share buttons to you blog. But what separates this from the thousands of other plug ins is the back end data. You get detailed stats on which platforms are performing best for you.

Image Sharer

SumoMe Image SharerAgain, there are numerous image sharing plug ins on the market. But SumoMe bring something a little better to the table again here. The share buttons appear on each image when the person hovers over them.

You get to choose where on the image the buttons will appear, if you will use an URL shortener, along with some other options. I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t include this plug in. Sharing images are great for the growth of your blog and promoting interaction.

Content Analytics

SumoMe Content AnalyticsA powerful tool to help you understand how your content is being used can help you make changes going forward. Content analytics works like a heat map as you scroll. Helping you to understand how much of your content is being read. This is particularly useful if you are placing call to action buttons and affiliate links.

This is the most useful tool for monitoring the on page behavior of visitors that I have used. You can even set different campaigns at the same time to see how they differ.

Heat Maps

SumoMe Heat MapsIf you are not familiar with what a heat map is, it shows where the most user engagement is by using heat pattern. Like you would see using heat sensitive eye-wear, it’s a great visual and easy to immediately see where users click mostly on a page.

knowing where people are clicking on your website is like having some inside knowledge. The app works a treat. You can edit a post to change the value it offers completely after taking into account how the page is performing.

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