Topic Loop Review

Topic Loop Review

I’m a big fan of content writing/revenue sharing sites. When they are managed correctly and easy to use, they offer people a platform to have their work published and seen by more people than they can get on their own blogs. There is also the benefit of being able to earn some revenue and become better at writing content.

Unfortunately content publishing sites are often quick to rise and quick to fall. They are usually in the firing line to be penalized by the bigger Google updates that focus on thin content and over-extending on a broad range of topics.

Infobarrel was one of the first sites I wrote for and it a good example of this, it’s certainly not as popular as it once was. However, I’m still interested to see new content sites pop up however, and I always want to see them do well. A relatively new site in this space that offers some fresh ideas and different look is Topic Loop.

Topic Loop Review: A New Place to Write and Be Seen

Can I Write for Topic Loop?

Anyone can write and have their work published on Topic Loop. Their guidelines recommend that you’re fluent in English, and you keep up with modern trends in news, entertainment and technology. Looking at their front page, there is a good mix of interesting, funny, and viral type posts. The kind of posts that get shared and are easy to read.

The demographic readership is 16-40 year olds. So you should think about topics that are relevant to popular culture, like TV shows, films, music etc. A lot of the articles are short and to the point too. So think about catchy headlines, multimedia, humor, and relevancy.

Is the Topic Loop Platform Easy to Use and Have Articles Approved?

To get started you need to set up an account and log in. Once logged in you click the button to post content. Choose the type of content you want to submit, write up the post and submit it.

The first five posts you submit will be manually approved and checked for good grammar and appropriate content. If you’re new to content writing sites this is normal part of the process. It’s nothing to be worried about, and you will receive any feedback you need to get your work up to scratch.

The interesting part of this process is that there is no minimum post length. This doesn’t mean you can spam a lot of posts in a short period of time, instead you can just focus on writing quality content and not padding it out to meet a minimum word requirement.

This also means you’re looking to write viral, shareable content. There is not as much emphasis on targeting keywords, and onpage SEO.

The admins state they will check submitted posts in less than 12 hours. After you have had five posts approved and proved you can write quality posts, you will be able to publish automatically.

How Much Can I Earn on Topic Loop?

This is one of the first questions everyone always asks when they are putting in the hard work to write content for a site. It’s always impossible to answer accurately as it comes down to ad revenue.

The good news is they use Google’s Adsense program, which is universally the best ad network to be part of. I will also add that Topic Loop are very generous with their ad revenue split. When adverts are displayed on your pages, your publisher ID will be displayed 85% of the time.

This is higher than the revenue split found on most publishing sites, like the 75/25 split on Infobarrel, or the 60/40 split on Hubpages. So there is certainly good potential if you have a talent for writing posts that pick up viral momentum.

Because you’re using your own Adsense publishing ID you can keep a close eye on your impressions and earnings on your own dashboard.

How Can I Increase the Traffic to My Posts?

Obviously the goal is to get as much traffic through your posts as possible. The more traffic you get, the more you can earn. They offer some advice to help with this, and I thought I’d elaborate a little to give you some pointers:

Facebook – The potential is limitless with the correct types of posts in Facebook. If you already share posts among your friends, you know what they like and how to do it.

Twitter – Sharing on Twitter generally requires a good following, but don’t underestimate good hashtags. Twitter loves relevant and timely topics, you can certainly find some traffic there.

Stumbleupon – I wrote about how to tap into the massive potential of Stumbleupon, it’s still my favorite social sharing site. If you have never used the platform, I recommend signing up.

Pinterest – If you’re using interesting and high quality images this is the place to share them.

Reddit – Known as the ‘front page of the internet’ and both a potential goldmine, and your worst nightmare. The readers here are notoriously harsh, so pick your post and subreddit carefully before posting. Don’t come across like you’re self-promoting, share what you think the community will enjoy.

Search engines – You should always think about keywords when writing titles for your posts. You can use keyword tools, or check Google’s auto finish feature. But I always recommend doing a little research to tweak your title and optimize it for search engine traffic.

If you have any experience with Topic Loop, or comments about this Topic Loop review I’d love to hear about it, and it will help anyone else reading this – please share below.

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