Informational Content Site Case Study Mths 13-15

Informational/Content Site Case Study Mths 13-15

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, eh?

I did mention when I posted my mth 12 update that I would wait a quarter before doing another update.

But 3 months does feel like a lifetime in the world of SEO and niche sites, that’s for sure!

If you’re here you probably know what this case study is all about. If not, you can check out the month 12 update here and it links to everything.

Wasting no time, here are the highlights of what’s happened over the last 3 months:

  • I published a total of 41 new articles (really been taking it a bit too easy)
  • Pageviews are up from ~52k in Dec to ~87k in Mar
  • Monthly earnings are up from ~$1,250 in Dec to ~$1,750 in Mar
  • I moved from Ezoic to Mediavine


Traffic and Earnings Stats for Jan-Mar 2021

Here’s an overview of the site’s traffic and earning stats for this year:

Month# Articles PostedPageviewsMediavine ($)Ezoic & Adsense ($)Amazon ($)Other Affiliate ($)

Here are some screenshots to back all of this up:

Traffic Stats for Jan-Mar 2021

Jan to Mar 21 case study pageviews
Jan to Mar 21 case study google search console

In short; traffic has gone up, a lot.

I think this is a perfect storm of:

  • Adding some new articles.
  • Other articles picking up more longtail keywords, which tends to happen over time with the style of posts I write.
  • Picking up some natural links (haven’t looked, and haven’t built any, but it will have happened).
  • Seasonality – this is a big factor for sure. The site is more of an outdoors niche than an indoors one and favors better weather.
  • Moving from Ezoic to Mediavine – Not trying to be controversial, but traffic picked up pretty much the day after I left Ezoic. The huge speed jump may have been a factor, can’t tell for sure (more on that below).

Ad Earnings 

I built the site to earn primarily from ads, and I’m obviously super happy with how it’s gone.

This site has made a grand total of $11,522.02 to date from Adsense, Ezoic, and now Mediavine.

That’s a decent chunk of change. People’s opinions vary greatly on what ROI is acceptable for a site, and I respect that. For me, I’m happy with the return I get targeting low comp keywords for ad revenue.

I moved from Ezoic to Mediavine on the 4th March. I had the required 50k sessions you need to join Mediavine for a few months, and in all honesty, I should have moved the site earlier.

I basically procrastinated on it, no way around it.

Anyway, I know what you’re all wondering; is Mediavine ‘better’ than Ezoic?

I don’t want to throw mud, and with such different minimum requirements, it’s almost not fair to compare them side-to-side. They – at least in my opinion – serve different parts of the market.

My advice – If you’re between 0-50k sessions, I don’t think you can do better than Ezoic right now. If you’re above 50k sessions, you’re almost certainly going to get a better experience and earn more with Mediavine.

On that note, if you’re below 50k sessions and not yet using Ezoic, you should try them out. If you do, I’d appreciate it if you used my affiliate link here. Thanks!

I will dive into this a little deeper:

Ezoic vs Mediavine: RPMs

I was getting a decent RPM (or EPMV) with Ezoic. It was usually $20+, but you have to remember that I was paying $220/mo for Premium.

If you take the net RPM by deducting the premium amount, my RPM on Ezoic for the previous 3 months was:

  • Dec – $19.97
  • Jan – $14.41
  • Feb – $17.10

I don’t have a full month of data yet, and it took 10 or so days for the RPM on Mediavine to ramp up, but I’ve definitely seen a decent increase in RPM.

Mar 21 case study mediavine total earnings
Mar 21 case study mediavine earnings

As you can see from the graph above, the RPM has been around $20 for a while now.

Not only is the overall RPM higher, but Mediavine is showing a lot fewer ads. When I check my pages there are literally between 5-9 ads. Compare this it the 16-20 ads I had when I was with Ezoic and it’s a staggering difference.

Mediavine has also dropped the large banner ad at the top to help with CWV and loading times to users see the content right away.

Ezoic vs Mediavine: Page Speed and UI

It’s no secret that Ezoic gets a bad rap for their UI and page speed – and rightly so, honestly.

As I mentioned above, the number of ads has dropped from anywhere up to 20 on longer posts with Ezoic, to single digits on most pages. This might change as Mediavine collects more data, but it’s a much cleaner UI and better user experience.

In addition to this, I was getting a Google Page Speed score of around 30-35 when I was with Ezoic. This jumped up to around 75 as soon as I swapped over to Mediavine.

Again, a pretty big difference, and it’s noticeable. My pages load quickly, there are no spinning wheels where ad blocks are waiting to load, etc.

I haven’t taken a deeper dive in Core Web Vitals yet, that’s something I will look into this month.

Oh, and one more thing – anyone here on Ezoic will be familiar with seeing the less desirable ads all over their site for toe fungus cream, toilet cleaning hacks, and pulling ear wax, right?

My pages were always littered with those ads. For what it’s worth, Mediavine doesn’t even allow those types of low-paying ‘spammy’ ads.

Affiliate Income

Amazon is still bringing in anywhere between $20-70/mo. I haven’t added many more links, and those I have are just added into informational articles as helpful solutions.

What’s really coming in big is the third-party affiliate I’m promoting. This is a family business, very specific to my niche, offering some awesome products that anyone interested in the niche would be happy to own.

Again, I don’t write any ‘best of’ posts or target the products with a post. I answer questions and provide a link as a way of a solution within the answer.

That’s bought in ~$800 in the last three months. Seasonality has played a big part in this affiliate income going up, so fingers crossed it continues.

Future Plans – Probably Going to Sell

It pains me to say it because I love the idea of having a passive asset more than selling up – but I’m probably going to sell this site, or one of my other sites at the end of the year.

The only reason being that I’m getting closer to some personal financial goals I have, and on the correct trajectory the site is taking I might be able to meet them by selling up at the end of the year.

I’m not counting that money yet though. 9 months is a lifetime in SEO, we have a number of core updates, the CWV update, and who knows what else to whether between now and then.

How’re Your Sites Going?

I had the good fortune of working with a few other people over the last year or so, and following this low-comp strategy they’ve all seen pretty fast and impressive growth.

It just works – when you do it right.

I’m not selling anything or patting myself on the back here. I’m not the only person doing this, I didn’t invent anything new, and I’m not going to slap a 3-letter acronym to this method and call it my own. 🙂

I’m targeting low comp keywords that hardly any other site has targeted, and I’m writing better-optimized articles targeting more relevant keywords.

I’m not trying to simplify it too far, this takes some work and I’m still improving at this all the time. But at the same time, let’s not over complicate it!

Feel free to let me know how you are getting on with your sites, always love hearing from you all.

50 thoughts on “Informational/Content Site Case Study Mths 13-15”

  1. Hey Phil,
    I noticed that you corrected the redirect issue on your last post, but your comments are missing from it as well as the previous comments from this post…I hope everything’s ok.

    Anyway, any plans for a new niche site like this case study? How many sites are you currently working on? Are there any Facebook Groups you participate in? I know you’ve been silent on Reddit for a while, unfortunately for us who follow you and look forward to your insights.

    All the best!

    1. Hey Dave

      Yeah, so I guess I got hacked – I had to roll all my sites back 2-3 days and lost some comments and other data, sucks, but what can you do!

      I’m narrowing my focus to just 3 sites right now, my goal is to sell one later in the year and have just two.

      I’d really like to narrow down how many things I’m working on to be honest.

      I’m not participating much in online groups and social media. I will drop an update on Reddit in the next couple of days actually, in a different sub to juststart and hopefully I can help some other people out that are struggling to get things going.

      1. Hey Phil,
        Sorry( you got hacked….
        Wow, down to 3 websites and planning to sell one. They must be producing quite a bit of revenue for you, congrats! Are you still freelancing?

        I have 3 sites at the moment myself. One, I’m focussing on now and building up as it does seem the most promising and doesn’t depend on Amazon). It’s growth only seems to be limited by my ability to crank out the content. But what I am producing seems to be yielding some solid numbers. Just need to keep stepping it up.

        Another was hit twice by algo updates, but is 3 years old, quite a lot of content and still gets 7,000 visits per month, so I think by employing your strategies, I can get it back up again.

        The 3rd is a new site with 40 posts I put up in November/December, but little traffic, so I’m letting it sit while focussing on the other 2 until July and see where it’s at, Google Sandbox and all.

        Anyway, your journey has been quite inspiring and I have definitely got so much value from your posts. They really opened my eyes on niche website building, keyword research and content creation.

        I hope that by the end of the year my content creation stamina will be strong enough to possibly do a similar case study to yours, using your techniques. That’s the goal anyway.

        Thanks again!

        1. I am still freelancing, yeah, I have some clients I’ve been with for a long time now and still work with them. I’d guess I only put in 40 hours tops to my own sites last month, and 100+ with client work.

          I like the number 3 for sites, it’s still manageable, and it allows you to try different niches, different monetization methods, and so on without putting it all in one place.

          It sounds like you’re making solid progress. You’re stacking more traffic month-on-month, that’s what this game is about.

          I see all the time that it’s vital to nail the right KWs, and optimize posts well. I might write something up on that again, although I haven’t changed what I do, I just think I’ve gotten a bit better at it. At least I’d hope so with a few hundred more posts under my belt since I last wrote about it.

          If you ever wanna write something up here about what you’re doing, case study, or whatever, you’re most welcome.

          1. Hey Phil,

            As far as writing up a case study for your site. Will do.

            I would also like to put it on Reddit. Even though JustStart has taken a turn for the worse, I still feel like I owe something there. After all, that’s where I had found you and your techniques. So, if I can do both, that would great. But, I’m still far from that for the time being.

            My next step is Ezoic at 10k for this current site. When I’m ready, I’ll grab your affiliate link and let know).

            Thanks again. Please keep the content coming. If anything else, it’s inspirational….

  2. Hello Phil, I need an answer from you.

    I have two websites which I’m working on, honestly it’s not been that easy for me. Please I want to know if it is okay to just focus on one website and allow it to grow, and then face the other.

    Or I should go ahead and work on the two websites. The first website brought a total of 8,625 users, while the second brought a total of 10,128 users.

    My target is to get the second website to at least 50,000 users, and then face the first website.

    Please what’s your take on this.

    1. Hi Morgan

      That’s a tough one to answer. It’s nice to have more than one site, keeping all eggs in one basket and all that.

      I think the best answer is to always try and do what’s most efficient with your time, that’s what I try to do. If one site is easier to write for, or stuff is ranking better on one site over the other, double down on that site for now.

      As you can see from my update, I think it’s worth trying to get to Mediavine with one site rather than slowly grow two at the same time.

  3. The first website brought a total of 8,625 users, while the second brought a total of 10,128 users all in March.

  4. Hi Phil,

    thanks for the update! I’m honestly a bit surprised that your traffic is going up further at this point. Seems like your old content is still climbing up 🙂 Hope you get a bit more of a push after the move to MV.

    I currently own a portfolio of two sites. One of which is an Amazon Affiliate site that works on autopilot with a freelance writer. I only have to do some keyword research here and there and also upload the content. The income is growing quite nice over the last couple of months.

    My second site follows your approach pretty closely. Not only in Keyword research but also in formatting and word count. I built that site last November and published around 40 articles in 30 days until Christmas last year.

    Over the last month nearly all of them started to bring in traffic. Right now I’m at around 5,600 sessions for the last 30 days. Which is around 140 sessions per article.

    From my perspective I made some mistakes back then.

    Some articles aim for to competitive keywords
    For some keywords with a monthly search volume of over 250, there is just too much competition. Back then I thought I could beat them with a better article. Which is apparently not possible with that strategy and the short time-frame. Of these 40 articles 10 are not ranking in the top 10 at all. Therefore the first learning ist to pick your battles wisely and really aim for the low-comp keywords.

    I need to publish more content early on
    With more content I could have reached the Ezoic threshold by now and would earn more money and also get better intelligence on the EMPVs in my niche. With around 80 articles of the same quality I would have reached the threshold by now.

    Niche selection
    I’m currently monetizing via AdSense and my average EMPV is right around 5€ on a good day. My hopes are that I can double that amount with the change to Ezoic. If that’s the case I start to subsidize this site with funds from my other sites to get the snowball rolling. I’m not catering an English speaking market so I can only hope Ezoic EMPVs are nearly as high as in the UK and the US.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thanks for sharing all of that, Jan, I appreciate it.

      First of all, you’re targeting the low comp keywords it sounds like you’re nailing them well to have trafcci growing like that. And, you have a writer and some processes in place to scale, so the sky’s the limit.

      The fact that you’re also looking back and how you can do better is awesome, that’s what I do too. I’m always trying to improve, and cringe even when I look back at how I started this site.

      Like I said in my post, when you know how to rank content, it just works. I don’t know why more people don’t take this approach, but everyone likes to do things their own way and this is only one way to get there.

      I’m interested to know how Ezoic RPMs are, too, they are almost always higher than adsense, and you already have a decent RPM for adsense, so I think you’ll be making a nice return on Ezoic.

  5. Hey Phil,

    I really missed your monthly updates and I missed following along with your progress.

    I am also really happy that you’ve been able to pull this off. Great job man. I’ve got a small question if you please don’t mind.

    What do you think about the future of blogging in general? Google has been making crazy changes to the SERPS recently (the YouTube videos thing for example) and they seem to be trying to take more and more traffic from the bloggers. Is this part of the reason why you’re planning to sell the site?

    As for my projects. I am not seeing any success in this whole blogging thing. It might just not be for me. I started with the pandemic though so I can’t really complain. I am one of those people who wanted to start something new during the pandemic so I’m relatively new to blogging and I still have a lot to learn before I can make anything I guess. But I am really worried about putting the time to keep pushing more content and then have google end up destroying my whole business once it sees the light or something. Should I really be worried that much? what do you think.

    1. Hey Ahmad, appreciate those comments.

      I’m not selling because I’m concerned about any major changes. But I am risk-adverse by nature, hence why I don’t buy links, I don’t bank on 1-2 big posts bringing in all the traffic, I don’t have any monthly expenses etc.

      I’m as White Hat as can be, and that’s part of the reason why I don’t get hit by updates I’m sure.

      But you still never know with Google, things are always changing, like you said.

      I think, if you always keep the mindset that you’ll move with the changes and find a way to make it work – you’ll find a way. Right? We have to believe that. I’ve been involved in SEO for about 7 years and seen a lot of changes, I always move with the changes and I always find a way to make an income.

      I’d hate to hear you gave up if this is something you want to make work. Going back to what I just said, if you want to make it work, I know you can find a way.

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

      And, I forget where the quote comes from, but – “it’s better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.”

      1. I believe that I made it seem like I’ve already given up. I actually won’t stop at all. In fact I’m planning to push as much content as I can in the next few months till I hit the 10k views / month mark which I am dreaming about day and night lol…

        I do believe that I’m doing things wrong though. It could be that I’m still picking keywords that are a little bit more competitive that I think they are. So I’ll be fixing that soon hopefully.

        Thanks for your support Phil. For real, You’re helping a lot man. I really appreciate that. If I ever hit that 10k per month mark, I’ll be forever grateful for your support and the knowledge that you’re sharing here..

        Have a wonderful day

  6. Hei Phil,
    We spoke via Reddit messages few months ago, just swinged by to see your progress and I am happy to see you doing well.
    What multiply you thinking on selling? 35-40x?
    Good luck!

  7. Hey Phil,
    Just found out your website on a Webmaster Forum.
    I have a question for you: For a gaming niche, let’s say, Coin Master Game, which website offers news & daily links, what are the words you can actually rank for? I tried finding some of low competition but this is kind of hard. Maybe this niche works only with link-building?

    Thank you so much

    1. I can see keywords like this for that game:

      coin master free spins 2021
      50,000 free spins coin master
      coin master free 5000 spin link
      coin master claim spins
      coin master 70 spin link hacktoman
      coin master 400 spin link
      coin master 200 spin link
      100 free spins coin master
      coin master free 5000 spin link

      Lots of stuff to do with free spins, right. So, I’d say you need to go all in on that topic, deeper than other sites have. Create better pages, interlink, build more relevance, and there is a very good chance you will rank without me looking at it in detail.

      1. Thank you so much! Great answer! Indeed it’s hard to find new articles to write more than the competitors, but I’ll check what I can do! 🙂

  8. awesome journey love it and like it bro
    can you tell how you write seo friendly articles
    content is the king and if you guide me writing articles i will be really thankful to you

  9. Hey Phil,

    Just a quick note. The beauty it seems in your approach of targeting low volume/ low competition keywords is that it may also protect you against the competition who use tools like Ahrefs to analyse their competition.

    As you had mentioned, many of these keyword tools are so inaccurate that they’ll have your competitors think that you are just ranking for keywords with little to no volume and dismiss your site altogether.

    It’s actually quite genius in a way…It’s like flying under the radar sort of speak….

    1. Yeah, I never liked using the same techniques or scraping other people’s sites for keywords. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather walk my own path, and it should add some protection, you’re right.

  10. The 3 acronyms you can give your strategy is “Underserved Keyword Mining” UKM, lolz 😅😅😅

    I might say I come late to the party. How I wish I was here the only few months you started this project.

    I have a website in kitchen niche which I abandoned after the last year’s May core update and Amazon affiliate slash tsunami.

    Well, last month I came across your project on reddit with a link back to your website here.

    I must say that I am very impressed with your work rate and the project success is very motivating.

    With that, I have gone back to the drawing board, i did couple of keyword research looking for underserved keywords and I have come up with a tad over a hundred keywords.

    My plan is to write an article or two everyday and stick to the plan for next 100 days. (Yes, I have done 88 contents straight targeting zero keywords with little success)

    Hopefully with that, I think I should be able to create contents that will bring enough traffic to qualify for Ezoic in the next 8 months.

    Lastly, Master Phil I want to thank you for making this project public. The data you share on here is superior to those provided in some paid courses.

    1. Thanks Aliu, appreciate the kind words

      That’s a solid plan, and honestly, it can’t fail if you stick with it and keep finding ways to do better than other sites in your space with informational content.

      It may take a while, but you can honestly say you’re doing a better job and deserve to be on page one, you’ll find a way to get there.

  11. what your opinion on the new “google product review update”?

    Half of my site traffic fell down? most of the article I wrote is “best articles”

    If you are in my position what would you do?

    1. Hi sreekanth,

      Sorry to hear that. You always got to go with the flow with SEO, if Google is tanking your ‘best’ articles, I’d pivot to informational and start monetizing with ads, or by adding affiliate links to informational articles.

      You can pick keywords that are questions, and the answer is a product you can recommend. That’s essentially all I do for affiliate comissions.

  12. Hey Phil,
    FYI, it looks like Income School is adopting to your approach! Check out their latest video. Jim is being all coy about it. But it’s a good laugh! But you’re still the OG!

    1. Yeah, I just saw, it’s kinda funny.

      I mean, it’s common sense for the most part, too, right. Why set limits on article wordcounts or force out loads of content over simple KWs.

      Plus, you have to analyze the SERPs, their ‘spray and pray’ technique as they’ve even called it themselves is a little reckless.

      They don’t really have their heads in the SERPs grinding away, and it feels like they been out of touch for a long time now to be honest.

  13. Hey Phil! Discovered your work recently through Reddit, and I’m quite impressed.

    I’ve gotten into website building and affiliate marketing recently to grow my income, I’m wondering if you would be open to doing some paid consultation/mentorship work with me?

    FYI, I dropped you a note through the contact form last week but didn’t get to hear from you, let me know if you’re willing to do this! Cheers and best of luck.

    1. Hi Palmyra, I will email you , things are breaking around here and it seems like I’m not getting messages for some reason!

  14. Hi Phil,
    Great work once again. 3 months have passed by quickly to get your update on your website, which is still doing quite well. Thanks for the motivation and I must say I have learned a lot from you since reaching out around December on a question, your advice helped, and I got accepted by Adsense.

    I have a question.
    1. Say you have a website with different categories to talk about, how would you go about it in writing the content for each of them in order for each to have enough content to get traction for each category in google, within a year.

    For example, selecting a website for farm animals, the categories can be rabbits, cows, chickens goats, etc. When starting out, what would you recommend in the approach, would you write X amount of content first for one category, then leave it, go to the next category with X amount of content leave it , then next one and so on. What would be the suitable estimated X amount of content be before working on the next category

    2. Or would you work on all categories at the same time each month.

    I struggle with this dilemma, do I just go all in on one topic category, then to to the next or do I spread my efforts to all at the same time. Within one year goal how would you do it. Thanks

    1. Hi Priscah

      Congrats on being accepted for AdSense, that’s the first step on the ad revenue ladder, and it shows that your site is compliant with Google, which is great.

      To answer; – What I do is write a decent amount of posts, say 10-15 in a category, then move on to the next. Over time I see which posts are doing the best, and I go and add more to whichever category is doing the best.

      It always works out well for me and seems to grow the traffic the quickest.

  15. Hey Phil,

    Congrats on the great progress – I’ve been following your case study since last summer and it’s really motivating. Anyway, I have 2 questions for you:

    1. Now that you’ve gained a decent amount of traffic, backlinks, etc naturally, could you use this site to go after larger and larger keywords? Perhaps keywords that you couldn’t rank for a year ago you have the authority to go after now?

    2. Kind of an admin question – I am working on my first site and it’s big enough to apply to Ezoic (and yes, I’ll use your affiliate link lol). In the coming months I want to start my second site. I’ve heard that adding all your sites to the same hosting plan can hurt you, is that true? How about ezoic, do you set that up with your personal email so you can sell off a site and not lose access to your other ones? I’m curious about the administration of having several sites.

    Thanks again for putting the awesome info out there!

    1. Thanks Terry, appreciate the kind words,

      1. I’m thinking about going for higher comp keywords, yes. I’m getting such good traction with what I’m doing though, so it’s hard to change. I added a new category this month to test some new types of keywords so I am experimenting a little, will see how that goes.

      2. I don’t think it’s a problem being on the same hosting plan, never heard that before. Might be something specific to a certain type of hosting I don’t know about (?)

      Appreciate you saying you’ll use my link 🙂 — I have everything on the same email, it’s not a problem managing loads of sites, honestly. Re Ezoic, if you sell a site, it’s very simple to move a site if you sell it, don’t worry about any of that stuff.

  16. Hi Phil,

    The hard part of your approach for me is thinking of the keywords and choosing a niche; do you have any tips? I am also wondering if questions are the only types of keywords that work with this approach?

    I noticed you mentioned the pets niche before, which is a niche in which loads of people ask lots of questions, but what other niches do people ask questions in. I’m also a freelance writer by the way.

    1. Hi Ronan

      Honestly, you can carve out a part of almost any niche. Pets is one of the easiest, I think sports is pretty easy but also has a lot of content that isn’t evergreen, I’ve seen successful sites about all kinds of random things like; cities, sewing machines, bikes, veganism, streaming, etc.

      Also, a low comp KW is low comp no matter a question, buyer keyword, a product, etc. it’s just that questions, and the longer and more specific the question, are more underserved by nature.

      To answer about CPC, $0 CPC doesn’t mean you will not earn anything no, it’s a rough indication of the value of the keyword, but you always earn from traffic. Most visitors are shown ads retargeted to their browsing history anyway.

  17. One more question: if the low-volume keyword doesn’t have any CPC at all, does this mean you won’t earn ad revenue from it? Lots of these low-volume keywords are showing as $0.00 CPC.

  18. Nice going, Phil.

    Here’s how my site’s been going that I started following your strategies. It has 30-ish posts and I’m planning to take it to at least a hundred posts when I start writing on it again.

    However, I’m not sure how do I do the research as I don’t have knowledge in this industry.

    1. With only 30 posts? That looks like solid growth to me, and it’s only going to go up faster the more work you put in – hope you’re happy with that so far!

      Research is something you’ll have to figure out as you get to know the industry better. Don’t be afraid to send emails to companies asking questions if that applicable, I do that now and then, they’re always happy to answer – that’s why they have customer care teams.

      1. Great, thanks.

        I’ll try to take it to 200 posts at least and see what happens.

        Once I’m familiar with the process and can scale sites to 200 posts or more, I think this is going to be what I do for a while. 😅

  19. Hi Phil, how do you come up with content idea? is this a niche you are knowledgeable about or you do research about topics you are writing?

    1. It’s something I had an interest in and is popular where I live, so before the pandemic, I was visiting businesses and taking loads of photos and asking questions etc. But most of what I write is researched, and a good dose of common sense, to be honest.

  20. The income school updated its course in early June.
    And gosh, they are doing exactly the same thing you are doing.
    They are truly a bunch of clowns, to be honest.
    Phil you are a true legend

    1. Haha thanks, CY.

      They have to adapt, as people get smarter they realize what does and doesn’t work – the Income School way of ‘spray and pray’ doesn’t have the high ROIs like being strategic and thinking about how you’re approaching content does.

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