Informational Content Site Case Study Mths 18-19

Informational/Content Site Case Study Mths 18-19

Hey everyone, I’m back with another bi-monthly update for the informational case study site I started on Jan 1st, 2020.

The site continues to grow at a decent pace, so no complaints. I’ve really hit the passive income plane at the moment, I’m publishing here and there and the ad revenue is pretty consistent!

The numbers at a glance for June + July are:

  • I published 27 new articles taking about 27 hours.
  • The site made $6,878.56.
  • Traffic hit a high of 163k page views in July.

Here are some graphs and a little more detail behind the numbers:


Traffic and Earnings Stats for Jan-July 2021

Here’s an overview of the site’s traffic and earning stats for this year:

Month# Articles PostedPageviewsMediavine ($)Ezoic & Adsense ($)Amazon ($)Other Affiliate ($)Total ($)

Traffic Stats for Jun-Jul 2021

Google Analytics June-July 21
Google Webmasters June-July 21

Pretty much everything I publish is indexing within an hour or so and ranking pretty highly on page one, so a lot of the content I published in this period is having an impact on the growth in traffic.

As much as I’d like to take all the credit, I think I’m also experiencing a perfect storm of a positive seasonality incline, an increase in domain authority helping more keywords rank, and favorable outcomes from the updates over the last couple of months.

Either way, traffic is up a good chunk, which means I earn more ad money – so it’s all good.

Mediavine Ad Earnings

Mediavine earnings June-July 21

RPMs fluctuated a good amount over the last two months, but I’m more than happy with Mediavine as a company and the earnings.

Started hitting ~$150 on a good day and earnings are climbing month-on-month.

Affiliate Income

Over the last two months the site made:

  • $237.95 from Amazon.
  • $461.77 from a different program.

I didn’t add any more Amazon links again, and I don’t intend to do anymore Amazon at this point.

I added some more links to the family business I’m promoting as I’d much rather try and help them.

I’m not sure which posts are bringing in the sales, to be honest, I haven’t set up individual tracking links and have not taken the time to look.

It’s just working, so I’ll take that and spend my time writing new content and not worrying about where the sales are coming from.

Wrapping Up

Not a lot to report for the last two months other than how the site is performing by ticking along.

I’m spending a lot of time on other sites and projects I’m working on at the moment, and was only able to spend around 27-30 hours on the site in the last two months.

Obviously, I’m more than happy with the earnings when you take into account how little time I put in.

But let’s not do the whole internet marketing thing of pretending I got here on 4 hours a week. I’ve put some serious time in over the last couple of years and it’s both a relief and a joy to see it paying off.

Thanks for dropping by, feel free to let me know how y’all are getting on. Stay safe.

Image credit – Tigger the Cat – Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

68 thoughts on “Informational/Content Site Case Study Mths 18-19”

  1. Epic Phil, just Epic!
    I don’t use the word Epic lightly and I use it seldom since it’s one of the most overused words on the internet.
    The overwhelming common thread I’ve seen throughout not only this case study, but your whole approach boils down to simply creating content and a lot of it. That and of course the low competition/low volume keyword approach (but even that must be second nature to you by now).

    Well done Phil! Well done indeed!

    All the best!
    Dave (aka SmutProfit)

  2. I’ve been following your journey since I first saw it on reddit(month 6 I think), since then I’ve started 2 blogs one of which failed miserably.
    The other one currently have 133 post, 8 months old, and 5,600pv per month.
    Here’s my current stats:

    Do you think this is a good progress for a site this age? I’ve been feeling down lately due to the amount of time I’ve spent on this site(and the first one) and I feel like I’m progressing too slowly.

    Anyways, I just want to thank you for the updates! I hope you know that you’re helping and inspiring a LOT of people!

    1. Hey Jay, it does look like good progress – and it looks like things are about to start taking off! The next few months are going to be fun.

  3. awesome income and thank you for the update
    and can you tell how much is your expenses and which hosting you are using
    bro, you are an expert in making passive income websites

    1. Hey firoz,

      Thanks, appreciate that. My only expense is hosting, I use WPX. It costs $500 year for their 15 site package. I have about 12 sites, so if you split that up per month, each site is less than $5 per month.

  4. This is a fantastic growth! This update shows that it is good to update niche site with contents regularly even if they are not many.

    With the amount contents you have on the website, you might have dominated your niche inside-out, I may be wrong.

    As for my niche site, I have 142 published posts on the website at the moment.

    I am aiming to make it 200 published articles before the end of this month hopefully.

    Though, about half of my posts are yet to be indexed (80 of ’em), I still have some of the indexed ones cracking to the top ten for the target keywords.

    I am experiencing lot of impressions and clicks as a result. And I feel good about this.

    I know my website will receive a lot of traffic by the time all the posts get indexed and rank higher.

    My ultimate goal is to make it 400 posts before the year is out, I know this is a bit hard but it is achievable even if I work my a$$ off.

    I submit every new post I published on GSC, is their any other thing I can do to make my posts indexed fast like your?

    1. Hey Aliu

      Sounds like you’re doing everything right, you just have to keep at it. I think interlinking is important too. I don’t go back to older posts and add links, although I know that can help – but I add 5-10 internal links to most new posts to relevant articles on my site.

      Apart from that, I just inspect the posts in search console, and if you’re posting regularly and you have authority in your topic, stuff just indexes better, I’ve seen it on all my sites.

      Good luck! LOoking forward to hearing how your site goes over the coming months.

  5. Hello Phil

    I am really happy to see you hit this level of success with your blog. I have literally been following this case study since the first post. I found you on reddit and since then I had your website bookmarked.

    Anyways, it’s always great to see people’s hard work succeed.

    I’ve got a quick question, if you use the shared hosting plan when you launch your sites, at what point do you upgrade to a dedicated VPS? Is there any visitors count that you have in mind? I know it differs between different hosting providers, but having an idea about this would be great. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ahmad!

      I remember you from all those months back (feels like such a long time!), appreciate you following along.

      I’ve never changed any sites from shared hosting to dedicated VPS, so I’m not best placed to answer this. I just have the regular WPX shared hosting and I don’t have a problem with it, although maybe I should try a dedicated VPS to see if it makes a difference i guess.

  6. Hey Phil,
    This is an incredible journey and thank you for sharing it along.
    Went through all your updates and I have learned a lot from you. But the best thing about this journey is that you motivated the hell out of me. I have a blog that i registered in january, posted about 3 articles and then dumped it because it was tough and i was focusing on writing “best of” articles.
    After going through your case study and your keyword research and content writing process, i was motivated and started focusing on keywords that are answering questions.
    Started yesterday and have so far published two articles. I will try to publish atleast 1 article daily.
    Again Thank you for sharing this amazing journey and am looking to signup to ezoic with your affiliate link once I reach 10k views.

    1. Hey Rufai,

      Thanks for dropping by; I’m glad you found this helpful, and if you can build a habit of just 1 article a day you’ll start seeing some solid growth pretty quickly, I’m sure. That’s more than a lot of full time bloggers seem to manage to post!

      Appreciate you saying you’d use my referral, that means a lot, thanks. Let me know if I can help in any way. Cheers.

  7. I found your site linked from the Fat Stacks forum and spent the better part of last night and this morning ready every single income report from the start. And at a great time too because I just launched a site this week (my 3rd!) and I was struggling with content strategy and had a mental block when it came to writing.

    But now I’m pretty stoked to tackle your strategy! Love the simplicity and will download the two Chrome Extensions you mentioned for keyword research. Thanks for providing the content!

    1. Hi Kristina!

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. I do like to keep it simple, yes – and why not if it works, eh.

      Let me know how you get on, I really love hearing about how everyone else is getting on, we’re all in this together.

      You’ll beat that mental block with writing, once the keywords start to flow in you’ll have more than enough to write about for a long, long time, I know I do!

  8. Hi,

    I have been following your journey since day one and it’s truly been impressive.

    Just a few questions about Mediavine. I just joined with them and the RPM is sitting at $17-18 after a few days. It should grow in the coming weeks based on what everyone says.

    I was wondering, what are your ad settings like? Do you have both desktop and mobile on high? I know you have the universal player on but what about the rest?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work brother! Your posts are incredibly motivational.

    1. Hi Eric!

      It can take a couple of months for RPMs to hit their peak, I’m sure it’ll go up some more.

      I have my ad settings on the (default) still, so that’s 28% frequency on mobile and 20% on desktop. I did push it up to the max of 30% for a while but it made no difference, I don’t think my content was long enough to put another ad in.

      It’s the video ads that make the most difference, as long as you have that set up you’re good. $17-18 is pretty impressive though!

  9. Hi, Phil.

    I was wondering if I can get similar results writing with tools like

    Like if I crank out 500 posts or something. 😅

    1. Hi Umar

      That’s what everyone wants, that’s for sure. I’ve not seen that AI is up to scratch yet. It knocks out some good paragraphs here and there, but isn’t able to produce a whole article – at least not that I’ve seen.

      Maybe in the future, but that’s when things are going to get super weird!

      1. Haha, yes, it doesn’t produce a whole article as an article should be in the pets niche.

        I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.

        And I agree, that’s when things will get weird. Real bloggers may not even have a chance, which would be strange.

  10. Hi Phil,

    Thank you once again for your updates! I just have a couple questions I hope you don’t mind (:

    Are you strict on word count and use that metric to write more articles instead? Do you check the word count of the posts on page one and use them as a reference?

    I have a tendency to write longer than I’d like to admit—I’ve followed what the gurus preach about higher word count, you know what I mean. But in my attempt to try to make my posts ‘stand alone’, word count just tends to creep up every time. I’m still learning to write more concisely, and only write what’s relevant.

    Do you find yourself writing similar sections across multiple articles because these articles are closely related but are targetting a different keyword and search intent? But again maybe this applies more to when you’re writing ‘long-form’ as I used to, otherwise I would be glad to know I’m not alone on this one!

    1. Hi Rob

      Appreciate you dropping by;

      – I’m not strict on word count, no. I try to put some decent value in and cover a topic, I don’t find it hard to reach 700 words and usually try to get to 1,000 words. That’s mostly for ads, as Mediavine space their ads out a lot, but I won’t add any fluff, if a topic is covered, it’s covered.

      – I don’t often cover the same stuff across other articles, no. It’s easier to avoid that when articles are not thousands of words long and you focus on a narrow topic per post. You answered that as much, yes.

      Nothing wrong with long content if it’s justified, and it should still rank. It’s more so that you could have written 2-3 articles and ranked all 3 in the same time you spent on that one article really.

      1. Keyword selection and the SERP get tricky sometimes. But I guess I just have to unlearn those SEO techniques I’ve been sticking to. Have to start somewhere!

        Thanks again Phil you’re very much appreciated as well!

  11. Thanks for the encouragement Phil. It really means a lot to me.
    Sometimes it is hard to stay on track and keep publishing. But I just keep writing and as a resul, I am becoming more familiar with the niche.

    I think this is one of the benefits of focusing on writing informational content rather than focusing on “best x for y” affiliate review articles.

    Thanks a lot Phil and it will really help if you could take a look at my blog and give me feedback

    1. Hi RUFAI

      Yes, we all find it hard to stay on track. Sure, drop me an email though my contact form and I’ll take a look.

    1. Hi Lisbeth

      I don’t build strict silos, I’ve tried it in the past and I didn’t see any benefit. I’m careful to interlink relevant posts together, and I know that does have an impact on rankings. But I don’t build out larger silos as I’ve seen some marketers descibe.

    1. Hi Marky

      Most keywords are less than 100, I do find some between 100-200 sometimes that are low comp though. It doesn’t always mean they will drive more traffic, I’m just happy to see anything around 50 that I think I can rank for.

  12. Hello
    Hello i stared a blog and at the beginning the article they are indexed and and some are ranked top 10 and some are in the sandbox but i realize some article are index green in search console but not visible in the search term and as i continue they become frequent , my question it normal what happening and should keep going and not focus on on them and be patience and wait until they ranked with time .
    And a lot of thanks for the guidance

    1. Hi Halim

      This is normal, yeah. I actually published 8 articles a few days ago and have been tracking them each day to see where they are. 3 of those articles are still not indexed, and they’re showing as indexed in search console. Just be patient, link to them from other articles you write, and I think it’ll sort itself out.

  13. Hey Phil

    Have you bought backlinks for this case study site? What are your thoughts on manually buying/acquiring backlinks?

    1. Hi Sacha

      No, I have not bought or built any links. It’s a risk, cost, and reward thing, and personally i don’t want to do it – which is why I only target content/keywords where I don’t have to compete with other sites.

  14. Hi Phil

    Discovered you on Reddit and have been inspired to start my own site! I’ve been reading through all your posts – thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all 🙂 I was wondering if you would be able to help with a few questions?

    1. Do you rely solely on the Chrome extensions for keyword research? I have your recommended extensions downloaded and have also tried a couple of free searches on other ‘larger’ SEO tools, which give slightly different variations of the keywords (with neither showing the exact combination as shown on the other – if that makes sense). Would one be ‘better’ than the other or does it not matter on this level? E.g. H1 ‘Learn how to study maths’ (on one tool) vs H1 ‘Teach myself maths’ (on the other tool) (not my niche, just an example).
    2. Do you target just one long-tail keyword per post? Or can you target other related ones e.g. on a H2 level if there isn’t enough content for the related keywords to be posts on their own?
    3. How do you go about your Privacy Policies, disclaimer pages etc? I’m also based in the UK if that changes anything?
    4. How do you keep track of all the articles you’ve written to carry out meaningful interlinking? Do you keep an index of sorts to know (remember) which are the relevant articles you can link to? Not an issue if you don’t have many articles yet (like me) but when you have a lot, what do you do?
    5. Where do you go for your images? Do you ever create your own (like the one you’ve got on this post)? I’ve just about got my first article ready but no images yet as I’ve heard horror stories of using free images?

    Sorry for the long questions and thanks again for everything!

    1. Hey Lev

      Thanks, and sure:

      1. Yes, I only use the WMS Chrome extension. I would target the variation of the KW that looks easiest to rank for. It’s always difficult, as obviously Google bunches a load of similar KWs together, it’s something that you just get better at identifying over time.

      2. Yes, I always target more keywords in the headers, but I keep all the content closely related. If you write a good article, you’ll see in search console you always rank for dozens of variations on the keywords you use.

      3. Those pages are a bit of a grey area. I use the ones similar as on this site, basically, changing the site names and some other info. When you join Ezoic or Mediavine they give you their own privacy pages that are Google compliant for sure which is nice.

      4. I literally work from memory with interlinking. As I’m writing, if I think I’ve written about something relevant, I just add a link. Not an exact science, but as long as I have 5 or so internal links per post it’s fine.

      5. I get most of my images from Unsplash, I’ve taken a bunch myself too, and prefer that. You’re right, there are some scammers out there looking to take advantage. I list the source on my sites at the bottom the same as I do for images on this site.

      Hope that helps! Good luck.

      1. Thanks, Phil! Really appreciate you getting back to me and being so helpful. This is all very different to my day job so I have been struggling to wrap my head around it all. My sincerest thanks for being so approachable and helpful!

        All the best : )

  15. Wow this is so nice! You did a good work with the the keyword research and the site in general!
    I just hope I can master your keyword method and us I it adequately.
    I also wish you had a YouTube channel or video to show your keyword research process I prefer to watch than read a tutorial.

    Thanks for transparency.

    1. Thanks David. Yeah, I’m a visual learner too, I know what you mean. I don’t know the first thing about video though. I could learn, of course, but I’m trying to focus on my sites for the most part now.

  16. Hey Phil,
    Epic Case Study here! Thanks for sharing and being so opened about your methods. This is a success story in my humble opinion. I have gone back and read all your progress from Months 0-3 till now.

    I have few questions for you if i may:
    1. Are you still producing your own content or have you outsourced this part of the business now? By my count you are now sitting at 569+ articles in a span of 19 months or so.

    2. I know you don’t do any outreach or link building but do you think your former Pinterest posts could have helped in snowballing your initial effort? These would have counted as backlinks i think.

    I have been inspired by your project and decided to start a similar one from September 2021. I will be documenting my progress as well. I hope to do as well as you did.

    Thanks for sharing and Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi LamB

      Thanks, appreciate the kind words, and I really hope it helps you (and others) realise what you can do if you just go hard and be deliberate about finding good KWs and producing good content.

      1. Yeah, I write all my own articles. I plan to start outsourcing soon, testing some writers now. I just find it hard as I have a particular way of writing that I want writers to emulate.

      2. Pinterest would have counted as backlinks, but I don’t think it made a difference at all.

      Awesome, documenting progress is also good for accountability, it made me work harder than I would have otherwise! You going to do that on Reddit? That’s a good place for it.

      1. Hey Phil,
        Thanks for your reply. I will be documenting my progress on affiatefix a forum i am a member of.

        I have already published the project overview and my plan. I also gave you credit there for the inspiration and the project process.

        I have never tried reddit to be honest. I should probably check it out. I know many readers here said they found you there.

        Kind Regards,

        1. OK, cool drop me a link here sometime when you have some updates, always interested to see how people are getting on, cheers.

      2. Hey Phil,
        Outsourcing??? Has the world gone mad? LOL…

        It’s something I personally am the most on the fence about. I realize that to really scale it’s almost a given. As Willpe8ch over on reddit commented, “it’s borderline retarded not to”.

        But the expense not only in money, but the time screening and selecting, editing their work then checking for plagiarism…I don’t know. From a strictly writer’s “purist” stand and the fact that when I check my analytics in real time seeing people reading posts that I researched and wrote by myself is rewarding.

        Anyway, just a few thoughts. Curious to see where you go with it Phil. Not judging, but a dilemma for sure, that I would struggle with and maybe even hope to have in the future ;)…..


        1. The world went mad long before we entered it, we’re just part of this circus, Dave, haha.

          On a serious note, I agree with everything you said. I’m really trying to find someone to ‘fill in the gaps’ and help with some of the time-consuming stuff, and I’m really hoping to find someone that is in a similar position I was in when I started out. Some website owners took me in and showed me the ropes and I credit them for helping me learn the business and I’d be happy to pay that forward.

          We shall see.

  17. Hi Phil,

    I commented on your previous post that you inspired me to start my own website. And this week, I did!

    I definitely don’t have your work ethic, so I’m starting with a small goal for 4 posts every month.

    It doesn’t help that I’m not a native English speaker. It took me the entire weekend to research, write, edit, and format a mere 1000 word post!

    I’m a bit worried about my writing skills. I use Grammarly to correct my grammar and sentences. I then put it into hemingwayapp to make sure I use short sentences.

    I really don’t understand what people mean when the say write “quality content”. Could you please look at the first post that I published? I really need someone to take a critical look.

    I really look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Darsh

      I’m so happy you started, that’s a big step.

      For me, ‘quality content’ means that the article answers the question for the reader perfectly, and was a joy to read. Something they’d be happy to share, mention to other people, etc.
      A few grammatical errors here and there is not the end of the world.

      I took a look, and it’s not bad at all for your first posts. I can tell you’ve done some research into how to write articles, it’s better than I usually see.

      You laid it out well, good spacing, plenty of relevant headers, a table to display the data, you answered the question early. Honestly, there isn’t a lot I would change.

      The best way to get better is practice, I wrote hundreds of posts before I really started to dial in on how to rank stuff, and it’s certainly not going to take you that long.

      1. Thanks a lot Phil!

        This does give me some relief. I read somewhere on /r/blogging that US and UK folks are instantly put off by bad Grammar and long-winded sentences. Is that true?

        I’m also curious to know what your content writing process looks like. How much time does it take you to write 1000 words? Are there any shortcuts you have found along the way? For instance, this weekend I used Google Doc’s Speech To Text, and I think this might significantly speed up the “writing” part of my content creation. The research and edits are still huge bottlenecks for me though.

        And again, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to review my post!

        1. Yeah, of course you have to continually improve and do your best, but don’t stress too much about small errors. The important thing is that you’re delivering the right answer in a way that the readers want to read it.

          It usually takes me about an hour to write 1,000 words. I also use speech to text, yes, that’s the best shortcut I can recommend. Content is the bottleneck for everyone, but it’s worth putting the time in to make sure it’s quality.

          Keep in mind that some 10 million blog posts go live every day and most will never be seen! Give yourself the best shot at being that small % that ranks and is read.

  18. your journey is awesome and love it and wait for your update and it will be awesome if you tell how you write your article I mean how you research and. how you find blog ideas and write them .it has been hard for beginners to write 1000 word post

    1. Most of my keywords come from suggested Keywords using the WMS extension. A lot of them come as a surprise to me, but it’s a niche I know so well that I always have a good idea of what the answer is.

      If I’m not sure, I research it, and I sometimes email companies that know the answer just so I can be sure. Then I pick up suggested questions from the search results and use a little common sense to ass headers that I think will be of interest to the reader.

      It helps if you know your niche. You can just type questions into Google that you think are interesting, then move on to the suggested keywords, that’s literally all I do.

  19. Hey Phil,
    I was going through your updates again one more time and have few questions for you, please:

    1. Do you use a static page as home page or just the regular blog roll? In case of a static page, do you target any specific keyword?

    2. When formatting/publishing your content, do you use a header image right off the bat or do you start writing first then insert your main image? I mean H1 –> Image –> Introduction etc… or H1–>Introduction–>Image etc…?

    3. I know you don’t use yoast seo but i think you do use Rank Math. When do you use it for exactly? I mean do you setup meta descriptions, target keyword and so forth?

    4. Do you use the standard wordpress sitemap in Google search console or submit the one from Rank Math (if any)?

    Sorry that’s lots of questions at once but i could not pickup the answers from your updates.

    1. Hey IamB

      1. I use a blogroll, the same theme (Astra) and layout as this site.

      2. I have the header image set the same as this site at the top, basically the way I format this site is identical to my other sites.

      3. I really only used RankMath for the sitemap and I think it helps add the article Schema and some drop downs for nofollowing links, unless that is just standard in Gutenberg. I actually stopped writing meta descriptions recently, maybe I could get rid of the plug-in.

      4. I just submit one sitemap from Rankmath after I post a couple of posts on a new site. From them, I just inspect every post after I hit publish in Search Console.

      NP, hope that answers those for you.

      1. Yes that answers my questions. Thanks for getting back to me. I will keep you posted on my case study. I think i am all set now to get going.

  20. Hello Phil
    I am always reading your blog article and your project is doing very well from the beginning… So great!
    I have lost your website URL and finally remembered it 😀
    I keep reading some of the blog comments to have solid knowledge about this field. I am motivated by your results and hope one day have the same results.
    How long does Google keep my URL on that state “URL is not on google” that is shown on Google search console?
    Should I wait one week or 4 days ? because I have deleted and change my URLs and website content a lot so when I returned and begin adding my articles again, Google search console become slow in indexing.

    1. Hey, thanks.

      I’m not 100% sure, honestly, I spend the least time of anyone doing stuff in search console. I index posts once, then leave them. I’m well aware that some of my posts take days or longer to index, but I just move on and post more and let Google figure out how to catch up.

      Probably not the best solution and might not be a helpful answer, but as long as my site is indexed and I’m interlinking posts I let Google sort it out. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply…
        I have another question
        I know that the right answer depends on many other factors but just wanna know when I will need to upgrade hosting package? How many visitors should I have in order to upgrade hosting package? do you think that the starter package of shared hosting should be enough until making some money and then upgrade it? please tell me some experience you have about these things.
        Thank you and wish you great success in the next months.

        1. Hi Mehdi

          I still use shared hosting, I’m with WPX though who are awesome. I was with a couple of cheaper hosts before and it was a bit of a nightmare. As long as you’re not getting downtime and you have competitive page speed scores, I don’t think hosting is as big of a deal as a lot of people make out personally.

          1. Does WPX supports ezoic?

            I’m using namecheap shared hosting and they don’t support ezoic, so I’m planning to move on to a hosting company that supports ezoic.

            I want to try out ezoic and see how good it is.

          2. Hi Travis

            Yes, WPX supports Ezoic, I have sites with Ezoic right now and never had a problem. I even ask their support to move my DNS and change some settings to Ezoic for me so I don’t have to do it and they’re happy to do so.

            If you want to move to WPX it would be kind of you to use my link here hope that helps, cheers!

  21. Hi Phil, eagerly waiting for this month’s update!

    I just came across Ezoic Access Now which seems to have removed the 10K session limit. Anyone can join now it seems?

    I just used you aff link and signed up for one of my other sites that gets around 3K sessions in a month. It is not much, but it is worth a shot, right?

    The process to sign up for Ezoic seems quite involved. I don’t like giving out my cloudflare login to a 3rd party. I hope this is all safe.

    My account is waiting on setup currently, and they say it will take another 48 hours for an Ezoic rep to review the site. Hopefully it should all be smooth.

    1. Hey Darsh

      I’m doing bi-monthly updates, so I will post an update beginning of October. Traffic and earnings are still going up though, so it’s all good!

      I appreciate you signing up with my link, seriously. If there is anything I can do to help, you know to just ask.

      You’re right about both things; there is no traffic limit to join Ezoic now, and it’s also a bit tricky to set up. 🙂

      Just take it step by step – integrate your site, wait for approval, add your details for Google AdX and other things as instructed, and ad placeholders.

      Don’t be afraid to ask them to help if you’re stuck, their support should step in and help out. It’s always worth joining Ezoic and giving it a fair chance to see what kind of RPMs you get. Let me know how you get on.


  22. Hey Phil!
    Congrats on the success, I’ve been lurking through your Reddit threads and am honestly impressed. I appreciate the keyword research process but am curious of how you go about getting starter ideas.

    Do you just have a good familiarity with your niche starting out or visit forums to look for ideas?

    Thanks in advance and good luck on the continued success!

    1. Hi Casey

      This is where knowing a niche comes in clutch for sure, if you can find those specific questions that are hard for people to find or understand who do not know the niche, that’s where you’ll find a lot of winners.

      To get started I do just type a long question into Google about a specific problem. I then just look at what the WMS extension suggests or what is in the ‘people also ask’ box and start clicking through from there.

  23. Hey Phil

    Thanks for your time sharing all this information!

    Just found your blog yesterday and been enjoying reading the case study and going to get cracking on a website now myself following this method.

    I have a question if i may and using the can rabbits eat as an example. If i find multiple can rabbits eat keywords that are relatively underserved, would you write a separate article for each of these keywords or wrap them into one article as ive found quite a lot that are not being targeted?

    Just want to get your opinion n that before i start my full keyword research topic plan.


    1. Hey Adam, thanks!

      I would always write separate articles, yes, that’s how you outrank all the articles that just group all the KWs into one article.

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