YouTube Channels’ Case Study Update Months 10-11 ($6,800 ish)


Would you believe we’re fast approaching a year of me documenting my latest online journey?

This stuff goes super quick (for me at least), it’s a good reminder that today is the best day to Just Start! (How cheesy, eh)

That said – and I feel like I say this every time, but I’ve been slacking again to be honest and wish I’d done more in the last couple of months, but there are some good reasons for that.

Anyway, here’s an overview of what’s happened since the last update:

  • I made a total of £5,452.49 from both channels combined in Dec-Jan.
  • I had some more videos picked up by local media; didn’t drive much traffic but it’s good exposure.
  • I did a content push in December on the stock channel releasing a video daily for most of the month, but hardly touched my other channel making just one video.
  • I probably worked somewhere in the region of ~75-100 hours across two months.


Overview of Stats for Both Channels

Channel 1#videos#shorts#views#subs#Watch time (hrs)Earnings (£)
Jan 202470515,7853,64219,5211,848.39
Channel 2#videos#shorts#views#subs#Watch time (hrs)Earnings (£)
Jan 202400171,2148888,202235.30

Channel 1 – Here’s What Happened

I still have one video responsible for 99% of the traffic and earnings on this channel. Not sure how long it will last, but it is still paying the bills.

I went hard back in December releasing a video almost every day. I wanted to test out a few different topics, headline styles, and some other things.

I didn’t really figure anything out, to be honest. It’s tough cracking the algo with this channel and I can’t seem to get any decent momentum with the subs or the audience.

But, it’s all good. There is a minimal expense involved, and I still get to sharpen my skills with every video I make.

Channel 2 – Here’s What Happened

This is the channel where I love making the content. I get to go out and visit places across the UK, interview people, film interesting places and things, and it’s been a blast.

My main issue is that I go out filming with a friend as it’s so much easier and more fun that way, but he’s been really busy.

He actually has a job, would you believe. He’d love to change that if this channel provided a full-time income, and I believe that could happen if we can get out often enough.

We didn’t go out for weeks, but we have been out a couple of times in the last few weeks so I have some footage in the pipeline to release a couple of videos.

I’ve been targeting newsworthy topics in recent videos which is something I said I wanted to do in a previous update.

It’s been working really well. I’ve been featured several times in the local and national media, I’ve even been ‘recognised’ 3-4 times by random people now. (It’s a faceless channel, but as soon as I explain what I do they ask if I’m ‘the guy from that [name] channel’).

Online media doesn’t send a lot of traffic my way, unfortunately, the journalists don’t often embed my videos and they tend to put a link to my channel very discreetly in the article – all tactics to keep people on their page.

It’s Business As Usual

Going forward it’s more of the same. I’m tempted to start a new channel to fill the gaps in time between working on the others but I’m hesitant to start getting bogged down working on multiple channels.

In reality, I need to work on persuading my friend to go out filming more and spend more time trying to crack the algo on my stock channel.

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