YouTube Channels Case Study Update Months 2-3

YouTube Channels’ Case Study Update Months 2-3

Hey Everyone

I committed to bi-monthly updates on my YouTube journey, so here we are with an update for months 2 & 3.

If you missed my first post explaining why I’m growing YouTube channels, how I’m going about it, and so on – you can find that post here.

Excuses first; I still haven’t broken a sweat yet and I’m only working on these channels a few hours a week.

That said, I think I made some decent progress last month and I intend on ramping up the time and effort I’m putting into these channels to try and get one or both monetized in the next two months!


Overview of Stats for Both Channels

Channel 1#videos#shorts#views#subs#Watch time (hrs)
Channel 2#videos#shorts#views#subs#Watch time (hrs)

Channel 1 – What Happened

This is the channel I’m creating videos from stock footage for, so I can make videos anytime without leaving my house.

I actually recorded all of May’s videos in April and scheduled them to be released each day and took the whole of May off.

These daily videos were just ‘thought of the day for X May 2023’ style videos for my niche. They were only a couple of minutes long and took about 10 minutes each to make.

I wanted to test this out because I see a lot of channels that only do these types of videos that are doing well.

I gained a decent amount of views and subs for the effort. But I don’t think I’ll do any more of these, I want to focus on Q&A type videos involving research and providing more value.

I’m happy to have passed 500 subs, half were there in that respect. View time is lagging behind, but I’m sure that’ll catch up as I gain more momentum with subs.

Channel 2 – What Happened

This is the channel where I go out and film stuff in person, so the content creation is a lot slower.

I’m having a blast with this channel. I went out and visited some interesting places across the UK and met some crazy people over the last two months – it’s nice to be away from the keyboard.

I did a news media-style video towards the end of the month covering an event that has decent worldwide coverage, and that accounted for most of the views over the last two months.

I’m only planning on releasing one video a week for this channel and going for the slow burn. I have some plans to do more investigative journalism types of videos as well, time allowing.

I posted the shorts from this channel on TikTok and they’re doing a lot better on that platform.

One video has almost 500k views, so who knows, I might have to switch my focus to TikTok down the line.

Next Two Months…

I really want to step up the video production over the next two months, particularly on channel 1.

I’m going to set myself the tentative goal of 20 videos per month, so it’s on me to make that happen.

Cheers. As always, all comments and feedback is welcome!

4 thoughts on “YouTube Channels’ Case Study Update Months 2-3”

  1. Hey Phil, been following you for some time. Great job you’re doing sharing your knowledge here. Is it possible to share tools you use for your YouTube channels? especially for the first one that uses stock photos.

    Then do you do any promotion when you post new video?

    1. Hi, thanks Frankie,

      The only tool I use is the editing software that has the stock footage library built in, and that’s You can try it for free if you check it out.

      I don’t do any promotion for my videos no, I’m just trying to leverage YouTube.

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